Toronto Pet Teeth Cleaning

Pearly Whites For Pets

We are happy to introduce Pearly Whites For Pets, a safe, and reasonably priced teeth cleaning service for dogs and cats.

Eliminating the anesthetic and its associated risks allows us to provide regular teeth cleaning to high risk breeds or animals with medical conditions and also to those beloved pets whose guardians simply choose to avoid anesthesia.

We use no drugs, no sedation.

We work with your dog, not on your dog.
As they are fully aware of their surroundings, including people and other dogs, we have developed gentle and soothing techniques to ensure their comfort at all times.
As our pet hygienist works with your dog, the two become one.
The dog is in her lap; there is no physical distance between them.
She feels every motion and every movement. So does the dog.
She is relaxed and works with confidence. Dogs react favorably to this and this special bond creates an atmosphere where trust and love rule. As a result, the hygienist is simply allowed to clean those teeth because the dog has granted his permission.

As long as the animal feels safe and loved, he will cooperate. That is why it is so very important to maintain a calm and assertive attitude, and above all, an open heart. This is our goal, always.


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