Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekly Roundup - Pet Care Apps, Bestiality In Canada, And Is The OSPCA Broke?

Apps For Pets

It was only a matter of time before apps went to the dogs (and cats!). The newest such app aimed at our four legged family members is Houndr, which pairs people with neighbours who can walk their dogs and pet-sit for them should the need arise. Like most successful customer service apps Houndr offers pet services at a much lower rate than traditional companies, for instance one can find a dog walker for a third of the price charged by most Toronto dog walking companies. As with many apps however, there remain some aspects that could turn people off. Most people consider pets as family, and time will tell if they will be willing to let a stranger, or at least a casual acquaintance, care for their family member. In addition, Houndr walkers and sitters are not as of yet ensured should anything happen to a pet, which might give some prospective pet parents a second thought. Time will tell if Houndr can take a bite out of the Toronto pet service industry!

How is Bestiality Even a Topic of Discussion in 2018 in Canada?

This week Conservative MP Michelle Rempel reminded us, and Parliament, that while bestiality is indeed illegal in Canada there is a very troubling caveat in that the Canadian government has never actually taken the time to define the term, "bestiality" when it pertains to crimes. That is something that needs addressing yesterday!

The last time the issue was addressed came in 2015, when the Supreme Court ruled that while a man had indeed committed sexual assault against his young stepdaughter by having his dog lick peanut butter off her crotch, the incident did not constitute bestiality as the dog had not been penetrated. This week Bill C-84 was tabled in the legislature and it includes two very important distinctions :

1. Bestiality shall refer to, "any contact, for a sexual purpose, with an animal"
2. The existing ban on cockfighting must include all animals.

Naturally one must wonder how on earth the government has ignored this issue for so long (the article linked above addresses this) so let's hope change is coming very soon!

The OSPCA Is In Shambles.....Again

Earlier this week the story broke that the Ontario Society for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Animals wants to opt out of cruelty investigations of horses and livestock, citing the fact the organization is, well.....broke. If you have followed this blog over the years you know I am not the biggest OSPCA cheerleader. I've pretty much said all I can over the course of over 100 articles, to save you some time and hopefully educate you, here are three of my most read articles on the organization :

1. Can The OSPCA Be Saved? (article from 2012, includes  a history of the organization)
2. Once The OSPCA Has Hold Of You It Refuses To Let Go (the organization is akin to a corrupt police force)
3. The Hypocrisy Of The OSPCA (it's all about the money/extortion)


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