Sunday, August 27, 2017

New Advertising Rates On The Toronto Pet Daily Based On Page Performance

Whether you are a walker, groomer, veterinarian, trainer, or have any other goods or services to offer in the pet industry, it pays to advertise on the Toronto Pet Daily.  Best of all, your BANNER advertisement will appear on each and every page of The Toronto Pet Daily, at a lower rate than most sites would charge you for just one advertisement!

Advantages Of Advertising On The Sites :

-Highest ranking pet site in the city.
-Your listing will be based on location of service
-The Toronto Pet Daily has a tremendous social media presence, with over 14 000 Facebook fans and 4000 Twitter followers.
-The Toronto Pet Daily is updated frequently, bringing new and repeat readers.
-Each month, your BANNER ad will displayed to thousands of readers (currently, the site gets over 800 visitors daily and has passed the 1 500 000 milestone)!
-You have the choice (by choosing a monthly option) to cancel your banner ad if you do not feel it is generating business for you, where as many other sites only offer a one year package.
- Your banner or button advertisement will not get lost in among dozens of others, as banner ads are limited and rotate.

Advertising Rates :

1) Annual Listing (including image, link, & business description) on the appropriate page(s) of the Toronto Pet Services Directory. *If you offer multiple services, you get multiple listings. These listings are alphabetical.

PRICES ARE NOW BASED ON PAGE PERFORMANCE and are listed below. They vary based on page views. If your category receives 0-9 daily views the annual rate is $50.00 and if your category page receives 10+ daily views the annual rate is $100.00.

Toronto Dog Walkers : Average daily visits 33, annual price $100.00
Toronto Dog And Cat Rescue Organizations : Average Daily visits 12, ALWAYS FREE!
Toronto Dog Photography : Average daily visits 10, annual price $100.00
Toronto Dog Training : Average daily visits 10, annual rate $100.00
Toronto Dog Grooming And Mobile Groomers : Average daily visits 5, annual rate $50.00
Toronto Pet Food And Supplies : Average daily visits 5, annual rate $50.00
Toronto Dog Poop And Scoop : Average Daily visits 5, annual rate $50.00
Toronto Pet Bereavement : Average daily views 5, annual rate $50.00
Toronto Veterinarians And Mobile Vets : Average daily views 3, annual rate $50.00
York Region Pet Services : Average daily views 4, annual rate $50.00

For full advertising rates including banners, click the "Advertise Here" button in the Toronto Dog Directory at the top of the page.