Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Founder Of "No-Kill Nation" Outed At Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

Being a Nazi is tiring!
Taken from animals24-7
The organization "No-Kill Nation" was started by founder Debi Day as a, "No Kill Education/advocacy/reform org dedicated to ending the systematic killing of healthy and treatable animals in our nation's shelters". Up to 2015 the organization had collected $1.5 million in donations. Today it has been reported Ms. Day was taking part in the Charlottesville rally that resulted in the deaths of three individuals.

Animal advocates across the globe are trying to reconcile how a woman who has been so outspoken in advocating for animals is the same woman who would align herself with the Nazi/White Supremacist movement. As soon as she was outed Ms. Day issued the following statement on the No-Kill Nation Facebook page :

The statement was quickly taken down, as was the organization's Facebook page and website. In her statement Ms. Day says the photos of her at the rally were taken out of context. Allow me to add some context. The following screenshots were taken from Ms. Day's personal public Facebook account :

I guess animal advocates must have taken, "Crunch-a-Commie" out of context, just as they must have taken Ms. Day's posted image of Pepe The Frog, the cartoon character adopted by white supremacists as their mascot, out of context. Ms. Day has since deleted her entire statement and the above images.

In the animal rescue world we often ask ourselves why we can't treat animals as well as we do people. It is so sad that in this case we must ask Ms. Day why she can't treat people as well as she purportedly does animals.

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