Friday, May 12, 2017

Canada’s Own Animal Rescue Web Series, "Dr. Cliff Worldwide Vet" Has Premiered

              Wendy was attacked by a much larger dog
                  and carried into the Jamaican SPCA.
             Dr. Cliff and his team will have to work fast
                          if she will ever walk again.
During the summer of 2016, Dr. Cliff and his team traveled to Jamaica and worked with local animal rescue groups and wildlife conservation organizations. Follow along in the adventures that ensue and be prepared to laugh and cry and be educated and fascinated by the emergency medical cases and animal biology stories. You will come to the realization that as different as people may be, deep down inside we all share the same fascination and love for the creatures we share the world with.

Dr. Cliff Worldwide Vet is a Canadian produced and directed reality documentary series that will show viewers the real world of veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation.

Episodes include :

  • The hatching of 99 hawksbill sea turtles
  • A little puppy named Wendy desperately clinging to life after being attacked.
  • Investigating the cause of death of thousands of endangered bats
  • Performing surgery on an American alligator after it was brutally shot
  • Showcasing the Jamaican Iguana conservation program as it fights to keep this once thought extinct reptile from disappearing forever

“We were all quite overwhelmed by the need for emergency veterinary services and the challenges we faced while in Jamaica. Viewers will witness a few heart wrenching stories but also many stories of incredible compassion towards companion and wild animals alike” – Dr. Cliff

Here's episode one :

Readers can watch episodes by visiting and subscribing to the following YouTube channel: