Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Owner Of Dogs That Killed Dacky The Dachshund Makes Statement

The story of Kurt Haupt and his beloved 14 year dog Dacky recently went viral, after Dacky was attacked and killed by another man's dogs in an Etobicoke park. An anonymous individual took a photo of the incident which I posted to the Toronto Pet Daily Facebook page. Within hours the photo was shared nearly 2000 times and police have stated the image helped them track down Kiriakos (Kirk) Nendos, the owner of the dogs. That is a testament to the dog loving community in and around Toronto, and of how much Kurt and Dacky's story touched the city. Mr. Nendos has been charged, and his five dogs seized by Toronto Animal Services (TAS). Last week I published a post asking TAS to do everything in its power to ensure these dogs get a chance to be rehabilitated rather than immediately euthanized.

Mr. Nendos has responded to the event stating, "Mr. Kurt, dear sir, I too shed tears for your tragic loss. I am no monster and feel your heart wrenching pain. As I too am now at risk for a tragic outcome times 5."

Mr. Nendos also published a lengthy response on the Toronto Pet Daily Facebook page admonishing TAS and pleading for his dogs to live :

I have chosen to publish Mr. Nendos' statement for two reasons. First, whether I agree with his actions or not, it is only fair he be afforded the opportunity. Second, and more important, is I agree with Mr. Nendos on one aspect : These dogs do not need to die. As Mr. Nendos states, " is for me to bear the cross, not Maisy or the puppies."

TAS has stated that no outcome will be determined for the dogs until the matter is brought before the court.

What do you think of Mr. Nendos' statement? What do you think should be the outcome for these dogs? Have your say by commenting below or on the Toronto Pet Daily Facebook page.

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