Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Open Plea For Tourists To Take Pets Out Of Canada

Volunteers scramble to rescue animals
after a mass transport carrying dogs
from the U.S. crashes in 2014.

From Global News.
Dear Tourists,

Welcome to Canada, I hope you'll find the greatest country in the world to be very warm and welcoming as you visit! We've got so much going for us here, from our diverse multicultural population sharing our beautiful landscapes in peace and harmony all the way to Poutine, our unofficial national dish!

What you might not see during your trip however, is that Canada is facing an epidemic when it comes to pet overpopulation. There are over two million homeless pets across this great country, and thousands are killed in shelters every day. In fact, even though it's illegal, some shelters in Quebec, still use barbaric gas chambers to torture and kill unwanted pets. Speaking of Quebec, did you know that in 2013 over 500 000 pets were killed? That's right, HALF A MILLION PETS were killed with nary a peep.

Here's where you come in because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This is what we need :

We can organize mass transports of these pets out of the country but we need your help. We'll provide the crates and airfare, and make sure to get these pets minimal veterinary care before you take them so that hopefully when they arrive at their destination they won't spread horrible diseases to their new animal and human population.

While of course it's much safer for the animals if they travel either individually or in a very small group with a transporter, we simply don't have time to mess around. As I said THOUSANDS are killed every day here in Canada so we have to act fast and on a much larger scale. Hopefully you can take 10, 20, or even 50 pets at a time for us. Don't worry about border regulations or airline regulations as those are quite easy to get around. Please also don't worry about these animals being in cramped quarters in tiny little crates because it will only be for a short time, and isn't the main goal getting them out of the country as quickly as possible? Yes it's even possible some of these pets will die in transport but really, when weighed against the ones that actually do finish the trip, you know....alive, clearly that's more important, no?

By the way, many of these pets won't be spayed or neutered but that's not our concern. We'll let their newly adopted country worry about that. Many of these pets will have communicable diseases but not to worry, once their newly adopted families discover this they will surely immediately take them to the nearest vet rather than simply dump them into their nearest shelter.

With regard to the adoption process, there really isn't one to speak of. While we would love to ensure the adopting families are a good fit and that the pets will live long and healthy lives full of love, we simply don't have enough time for this process. There will be no adoption applications or home checks as frankly the situation is too urgent. HAVE YOU NOT BEEN READING? THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS DIE IN CANADA ON A DAILY BASIS!!! Not to worry however, as we will ensure to receive our adoption fee before any animals are transported. That is clearly the most important step in getting these animals out of Canada.

So to anyone visiting this great country, please consider taking as many of our needy pets as you can out of here. Preferably somewhere tropical where they will no longer be subjected to our cold, harsh climate. You would think that a nation as progressive as Canada would have adequate veterinary care and more than enough homes to love these pets but as I said,  THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS IN CANADA ON A DAILY BASIS!!! Don't believe me? Here's a heartbreaking video of how these beautiful souls are tortured and die in gas chambers :


It's time we eradicated Canada's pet overpopulation epidemic once and for all. Sure we could spend more time and resources educating with spay/neuter campaigns and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programs but we've tried that and it's simply not working fast enough.

Heck, we could even clamp down on illegal IMPORTS of pets into this country. Did you know that over 6000 pets were imported into Canada last year? And those were only the ones that were documented! It is actually estimated the real figure is well over 10 000.

So please, PLEASE HELP US!!! I think we can all agree that every pet deserves to be loved and live a long life. It's just that as Canadians we have big hearts and we've been accepting so many stray pets from other countries for so long now we've forgotten to notice the hundreds of thousands that we kill every year at home. In the meantime, if you could help by taking away as many of these pets from this country as you can, it would be greatly appreciated.

Or maybe that would result in us here in Canada simply taking our pet overpopulation problem and the abhorrent deaths these pets face on a daily basis and placing them on another unsuspecting country, one very likely to have its own problems when it comes to helping pets. Maybe I should just shut up, leave well enough alone, and sit back to watch this continuous unending cycle of pets moving from one country to another. Maybe one day it will finally work out.

Never mind, please disregard the above plea in its entirety and by all means keep bringing into Canada as many pets as you possibly can. Just don't be surprised when one day Canada's pet exports outnumber its imports.