Saturday, June 20, 2015

Purina Celebrates, "Take Your Dog To Work Day" By Honouring Law Firm Specializing In Assisting Sexual Assault Victims


See the impact that pets at work can have on every member of your office community, and what we did to celebrate one deserving organization!

Toronto, ON, June 19, 2015:

In honor of this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day (Friday, June 26), the passionate pet lovers at Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada decided to celebrate by providing a Pet-Friendly makeover to a
deserving office – Jellinek Law Office – that specializes in sexual assault and personal injury law, and has seen first-hand the incredible impact that Pets at Work can have on employees and clients alike. Today, we are excited to launch a video documenting the project, and an accompanying social media campaign inviting people to share their own Pets At Work stories with #petsatwork.

“The kind of work that we do is very difficult work, it’s very emotional work, and having the dogs at work just makes the work day a little bit easier,” said Simona Jellinek, Lawyer & Owner of Jellinek Law Office, in the video.

Simona goes on to tell a story that proves just how true that statement is: “I had this client who would come in, and he’d sit at my desk, he would basically cry for about 20 minutes and not be able to say a word to me. And then he would leave. And then a couple of weeks later he’d make another appointment, come in, sit at my desk, cry, and then leave. I got [my dog] Gaston, and the first time that my client came in when I had Gaston he took one look at this little face, and sat on the floor in my office and petted him and played with him for about 3 hours while he told me his whole story about what happened to him when he was a child. And that was the moment that I knew that Gaston and dogs are invaluable in helping people through difficult situations.”

After hearing Jellinek’s story, and learning about some of the challenges they face in maintaining their pet-friendly environment, we knew it was a story worth sharing. “When we heard the reasons why Jellinek wants to do this Pets at Work program, we were really excited about it, and we knew that we had to be part of it, and had to help make this happen,” said Dean McNeill, Manager, PR & Corporate Communications, Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada. “We believe that people and pets are better together, and we see that in action every day with our own Pets at Work program. We’re excited to have had the opportunity to share that with such a remarkable team at Jellinek Law Office, and our hope is that by sharing this story, more companies will consider implementing Pets at Work in their own offices.

Advocating the benefits of Pets at Work has been a key pillar of Purina’s commitment to people and pets for many years, and studies have indicated that employees who bring pets to work show fewer signs of stress. It can also contribute to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for you and your pet, helping you both to get outside more often, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and give you an excuse for some playtime, as well as strengthening the bond between people and pets.