Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr....."I Fell In Love With A Dog On A Trip, Brought Him To Canada, And Now He's Sick."


I've been speaking out on mass imports dogs into Canada for some time. You can catch up here :

Some MUST READ Statistics On Canada's Pet Overpopulation Problem

While I disagree with mass imports I am usually more forgiving when it comes to individuals who bring one or two pets into the country to provide them with better homes. In almost every single case there is no doubt the individual is doing so out of love for the respective animals. Unfortunately though, the person often makes an impulse decision, one that does not take into account any inherent dangers to the pet(s) they are importing or our pets at home.

This week Dr. Scott Weese of the Ontario Veterinary College's Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses wrote, "Another Dog Importation Issue" for the Worms & Germs Blog. In the article Dr. Weese outlines a number of health concerns associated with a recent case of an individual bringing a dog into Canada from Ecuador. The story is all too common. A person goes on vacation, falls in love with a stray dog, and brings the dog home. Unfortunately, as is the case with so many of these rescues, the story does not end there. Thankfully it ends happily.

Dr. Weese makes arguments that simply should not need to be stated over and over again. When is the government going to stand up to not only improve health regulations on imported pets, but actually enforce them? All the while, many good hearted people are bringing in animals that pose an incredible risk. 

I wish the woman who imported Teddy had been more proactive, so as not to have to plead for $5000 in donations. I wish the airline would have never put a dog that sick on board. I wish the Canadian government would get off its ass and protect imported animals and animals put at grave risk as a result.

As for this particular case? What's done is done, so most of all I wish Teddy and his new mom a healthy, happy life together.