Friday, April 17, 2015

The List Of Corporations Pulling Their Advertisements From Kijiji's Pet Section Just Keeps Growing

Barbara Lapointe is, in a word, TENACIOUS!

She has steadfastly maintained a campaign for over a year now calling on Kijiji to remove it's pet section. Here is Barbara's petition, "Kijiji Canada : Stop puppy mills and prohibit the sale of household pets". So far OVER 100 000 people have signed the petition, a tremendous milestone!

Kijiji has responded to the petition :

"If Kijiji were to withdraw from the space of online pet sales, another service would quickly fill the demand, which may not be as preoccupied with moderation and working with community groups as we are." The full response can be found on this page, along with several complaints sent to the company.

I find the above statement very troubling. It appears while the company is trying to implement measures to ensure the safety of animals, at the same time it is doing the best it can to ensure no other service gets the same chance to profit from advertising dollars. Here's the problem : NO company should profit off the suffering of animals. Ever. For any amount. If I ran Kijiji the pet section would have been removed ages ago. I wouldn't care if another company, "would quickly fill the demand." I'd accept the loss of revenue and take pride that without one pet listed on my site, I'd done my part. But hey, that's just me.

Not getting the result she had hoped for, Barbara took another direction and began contacting the companies whose products and services are advertised on Kijiji's pet section. So far the response has been fantastic, with several companies agreeing with Barbara that having pets on Kijiji enables puppy mills to prosper off the suffering of animals. No matter how hard Kijiji tries and no matter how many precautionary measures the site takes, this will always be the case.

Here is a list of companies that have expressed to Kijiji they do not want their ads featured in the pet section. I am including their Twitter handles so you can tweet to them and thank them. Make sure to include @Kijiji in your tweet as well :

TD (Canada) @TD_Canada
Royal Bank of Canada @RBC
National Bank of Canada @nationalbank
Tangerine Bank @TangerineBank
Toyota Canada @ToyotaCanada
zulily @zulily

Hopefully as more business step up to the plate and follow the great initiative taken by the above organizations, ads like the one below will soon be a thing of the past on Kijiji. These ads were taken from the site today. Do you think Kijiji has screened these posters to ensure they are not puppy mills?

One final thing, make sure to follow The Toronto Pet Daily @TorontoPetDaily. I'll be tweeting about this all weekend. More important please take a minute to tweet to Barbara @BarbaraLapointe to show her just how much you appreciate her for staying with this cause, one that will benefit animals lives more than she will ever know.