Friday, April 24, 2015

Facebook Changes Community Standards To Protect Animals And Do Away With Fraudulent Animal, "Charities"

Not many of you may know, but earlier this month Facebook amended it's Community Standards, and when it comes to animal welfare it is a huge step in the right direction. Take a look first at the standards for, "Criminal Activity" :

Did you see that new little word in there? That's right : ANIMALS! I can't tell you how many times over the years I've been alerted to pages threatening harm to animals and showcasing disgusting images by disgusting people who cowardly hide behind these pages anonymously. I don't care if it's some kid hiding in his parent's basement attempting to garner attention or a very real threat of animal violence, both are despicable, need to be removed immediately, and dealt with by law enforcement.

But wait....there's more. If you have read this blog over the years you know there is one thing I never stop speaking out about, fraudulent individuals and fake organizations who prey upon peoples' good intentions when it comes to animals. It is so easy for an individual to steal from people who have a soft spot for animals in danger. Here's how these individuals ply their trade :

1. Post a picture of an animal on Facebook
2. Provide a link where people can donate
3. Get rich

Yes, it has been that easy since Facebook's inception. Hopefully Facebook's new, "Dangerous Organizations" standards will put an end to these criminals :

Sorry scammers, your days are numbered. Pretty soon it won't matter how many fake personal Facebook accounts you come up with and it won't matter how many times you change your, "organization"'s name. You'll be reported, and you'll be gone. In addition, Facebook now requires 501c3 charities to provide paperwork confirmation. I don't think a scribble on a napkin will suffice.

THANK YOU FACEBOOK! The organization has taken tremendous initiative to stop and track down scammers and abusers, and now it's YOUR TURN to follow the lead. If you are ever suspicious of any individual or organization, report it to Facebook and DON'T STOP until you get an answer.

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