Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Survey On Rescue Animals In Canada

Today Kim Faulkes from Friendly Giants Dog Rescue in Ottawa began circulating a survey dealing with the plight of domestic pets in Canada, and in particular pets rescued from other countries. Kim has been long outspoken on the need to rescue locally within our country, as well as ensuring that those pets who do cross our borders do so legally and most importantly, with adherence to strict health codes.

Please take the time to fill out this two part survey. I did it in just a few minutes and am glad to have helped this woman who does so much to help Canadian animals!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :


  1. Kim Faulkes herself has brought dogs in from other countries. I believe one was a hound about a year and a half to two years ago from the US.

  2. This is not an anti-import issue, and definitely not about the odd dog being imported. It is two-fold. This is about animals coming into Canada with worms and germs not native to this country and also rescues bringing them in by the truckload or plane load. Given the result so far of this survey, the public had NO idea that this was taking place in the rescue community and there is cause for concern. Data was collected for the entire year of 2014 and has actually been provided to a Risk Assessment Committee made up of vets and other professionals for an upcoming meeting. There are also issues with the movement of unvetted dogs in our northern communities in Canada that also have a risk attached in regards to spreading illness. This is about public awareness. Rescues are all hush hush and do not inform their public about any of these risks.

  3. We should also point out that at no time have we attempted to hide the fact that at one time we helped mostly US dogs. We have in fact had this discussion many times on social media and also explained the reason why we changed our mandate so its a mute point.

  4. This is about public awareness to how YOU see fit, based on YOUR personal beliefs. The questions in this survey play no relevance in saving lives, and are written in a way that confuses the person answering. If you are so focused on the "truckload or plane load", why is this not the issue being addressed instead of attacking individual dogs coming into canada? It seems as though there are many assumptions being made, and not enough evidence being presented.