Monday, December 1, 2014

Voting Is Now Open For The 5th Annual Toronto Pet Daily "Best Of 2014" Awards!

Nearly 2000 nominations have been tallied for the 5th annual "Best Of Toronto" awards. Incredibly, that's the same number received in the previous four years combined! Thanks to all who nominated their favourite Toronto pet businesses and services. Remember you can only vote once in each category, so make it count! Voting closes December 22.

A few notes :

Please take a minute while you are voting to look at The Toronto Dog Directory. The links are at the top of the page, and it really does help support the blog. The advertisers help to pay for prizes for photo contests, and for donations to the very needy rescues and shelters within Toronto.

Speaking of rescues and shelters, while yes there is a category, I think we can all agree that there truly is no, "best" when it comes to all the fosters and volunteers who save countless lives. That said, it's simply a way for us to let one of these amazing organizations that they are never taken for granted. As always, ADOPT DON'T SHOP!!

On this page you'll find the winners from the past four years, as well as some fun statistics!

Check back on December 22 when the winners of the 5th annual, "Best Of Toronto" awards will be revealed!