Monday, December 15, 2014

Jann Arden Launches "The Arden Collar" To Reunite Lost Pets With Their Families

Looking at her Twitter profile it's great to see Canadian singer Jann Arden has her priorities straight :

"music. family. love my dog."

In fact, Arden loves pets so much she has launched an incredible new collar with GPS and cellular technology to help bring lost pets back into the arms of their loving families. Having lost a pet before I became so excited when I came across The Arden Collar, imagining the peace of mind one could have to immediately locate their lost pet (my Nelly came back after a two hour tour of the neighbourhood)!

The idea for the product came to Arden, who travels with her dog 250 days a year, while talking to a software/app developer. What initially began as a discussion for an app to make it easier for people who travel with their pets to find local amenities evolved into creating a product that will prove invaluable to pet parents.

In the past couple years I have seen location devices for pets and truth be told, I was not overly impressed. Most came in the form of a tiny "tracker" to be attached to a pet's collar. The trackers were not waterproof (The Arden Collar is), did not have the right technology (The Arden Collar does), and as one can imagine could easily fall off the collar.

I asked Arden what else separates The Arden Collar from other similar devices. Arden boasts, "We use GPS and cellular technology because as everybody knows, the average GPS satellite cannot see under bridges and under houses and inside concrete buildings." In addition the collars are equipped with LED lights that one can activate as soon as the pet goes missing, making the pet visible whether they are running down the street trying to get home or lost in a densely wooded area. Most importantly says Arden, "It's easy to use, effective and it gives us as owners some sort of peace of mind to find our beloved pets."

If you have ever lost a pet for any amount of time you know just how terrifying an experience it is. Imagine not having to go door to door checking with neighbours or spending hours putting posters around the neighbourhood fearing the worst for you pet. I've said it many times before, when your pet goes missing the most important thing you can do is ACT QUICKLY! It's very simple. If your pet is missing and wearing The Arden Collar you IMMEDIATELY know where they are.

Of course the launch of such a pawesome product wouldn't be complete without another great contest, so Toronto Pet Daily will be giving away two Arden Collars each retailed at $149 (delivery in October 2015).

Here's how to qualify :

Between today and January 15, 2015 tweet to @torontopetdaily and tell me why you love the Arden Collar. Make sure to include the hashtag #ardencollar! I'll retweet your messages & next month, draw two winners.

Also coming up in the new year I'll be sharing the demo on the collar. Says Arden, "I should have a working collar on my dog in 9 weeks!! My dog will the first in the line of thousands that will be benefiting from this device."

**In addition to The Arden Collar, the Arden Smartband has launched to assist those in the unfortunate circumstance of having to keep track of a two legged loved one, such as one suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or dementia. When not on the road, Arden shares her home with Midi (pictured above), Belle, and Greta.

Here are the full details on The Arden Collar.

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