Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Petition To Stop The Sale Of Animals On Kijiji Surpasses 67 000 Signatures

National Call-in Day of Action: Stop the sale of animals on Kijiji Canada!  

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Jul 23, 2014 — Did you answer a pet ad on Kijiji only to realize with horror that you were supporting an unethical breeder or puppy mill? If so, will you take just a few minutes to call and leave a message today July 23 for the General Manager of Kijiji Canada Mr. Zachary Candelario?

Even by charging $4.99 per dog ad, Kijiji's website continues to reveal the existence of several ads that do not meet their posting policies such as ads promoting the sale of animals under 8 weeks old, selling purebred dogs without registration papers, and posting dogs for sale under “Accessories” to avoid paying the $4.99 charge. Clearly there is a gap in the control exercised by Kijiji over the content of its classifieds ads. And with the increasing popularity of the petition (now 67,000 signatures), the growing list of companies disassociating themselves from the sale of pets (RBC, National Bank, Tangerine, Toyota Canada, Zulily and WestJet removed their ads from Kijiji pet sale pages), and the discovery of more unscrupulous Kijiji users (, Kijiji Canada should by now be demonstrating its leadership by ceasing to be a platform for puppy mills and unethical breeders and instead promote pet adoptions.

I wrote several times to Mr. Candelario to give him an update of our petition developments, share your testimonials, and reiterate our demand to prohibit the sale of animals on Kijiji Canada, but have not heard from him. Since Kijiji Canada can only be reached through a public relations company, Environics Communications, your phone call - our shared voices - will send a powerful message to Kijiji.

Thank you for taking action,

Barbara Lapointe

Action Steps:

1. Pick up the phone and call one of the following Environics Communications offices today July 23! If you go into voicemail, please be sure to leave a message. Use the pre-written message or one of your own.

2. I'd love to hear back if you made a phone call. Let me know how it went! You can write me at

My name is _____, and I'm calling to leave a message for General Manager of Kijiji Canada Mr. Zachary Candelario to urge him to stop selling pets on Kijiji.
I'm a Kijiji user and I have been cheated by an unscrupulous animal breeder on your site. I 'm distressed that Kijiji Canada continues to sell animals. Puppy mills and unethical breeders may continue to exist even if you stop the sale of animals on your site, but at least you would not give them an easy and free platform to thrive. Kijiji should be a resource only for shelters, rescues and rehoming.

Environics Communications offices:

Toronto office
(416) 920 9000 ext. 0
(416) 920 9000 ext. 2727
(416) 969-2758
(416) 969-2807

Montreal office
(514) 739-1188 ext. 0
(514) 739-1188 ext. 222
(514) 739-1188 ext. 225
(514) 739-1188 ext. 247

Ottawa office
(613) 670-5811