Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is Your Dog Scared Of Thunderstorms? PetSmart Introduces The Thundershirt To Reduce Anxiety

PetSmart's Thundershirt
The dog days of summer are underway and as everyone starts to spend more time outdoors, pet parents are looking to include their four-legged friends on all the summer fun.
Whether it’s outfitting your furry friends with this season’s hottest fashions, equipping yourself with all the essentials for cottage trips or keeping your pet safe during those scorching days, PetSmart has all the products and expertise to ensure they have the best time.
While summer fashions and product can be fun, it’s also important to keep safety in mind. PetSmart wants all pets to be safe this summer and their experts are offering tips on how to do that. Here are some tips:

·         Keep your pets off of hot surfaces as their sensitive paws and get burned easily.
·         Regularly hydrate your pet, keep them out of enclosed vehicles and in shaded or air conditioned areas.
·         Be mindful of fleas and ticks. This is the high season!
·         Pets can get spooked by thunder and fireworks. Thundershirts are available that have the ability to reduce anxiety.