Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can You Help Out Pawesome Organization "Project Maddie", Toronto's Mobile Pet Food Bank?

Pet Food Bank Supporter Pledges to Donate Vehicle

Oakville, Ontario, June 2, 2014

An anonymous supporter has pledged to donate a vehicle that can be used to store and deliver pet food as soon as Project Maddie becomes a registered charity. Project Maddie is appealing to the community to help make this a reality.

The organization needs committed individuals to fill seats on its Board of Directors and assistance with the costs of incorporating and filing its application.  

Project Maddie is a mobile pet food bank serving the Greater Toronto Area and is best known for assisting hundreds of displaced residents after the 2010 Wellseley Street fire in Toronto. Project Maddie helps pet owners who are at risk of losing their pets by collecting and distributing quality donated pet food.  This offers temporary relief to those who might otherwise have to surrender a beloved companion to a shelter or rescue. Project Maddie is a non-profit organization working towards becoming a registered charity.  The organization receives no government funding and relies entirely upon the community to ensure help is available whenever and wherever it is needed. To contact Project Maddie please call (289) 834-3273 or visit www.projectmaddie.com.

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