Friday, March 28, 2014

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Animal Abuser Craig Wright Receives Suspended Sentence

There's good news for you if your name is Craig Wright. Good news if you hanged a dog by a prong collar on a coat hook. Good news if you punished a puppy by having him run on a treadmill for so long he couldn't take it any more and shit himself. Today is a good day to be a dog beater, Craig Wright.

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After a nearly 3 year long court case, yesterday Craig Wright received his punishment for these disgusting acts, a one year suspended sentence and a five year ban from owning animals. In delivering the sentence, Superior Court Justice Christopher Corkery stated, “He has received a public scourging even before his conviction,” adding, “Mr. Wright’s reputation has been destroyed as a dog trainer.” Then in a statement I just can't wrap my head around, Justice Corkery surmised that Craig Wright is unlikely to resume training dogs. Poor, poor Craig Wright. I did not attend the sentencing though would not be surprised to hear Justice Corkery pulled out a violin halfway through the proceeding.

"Unlikely." It's such a shame even the Justice doesn't have the power to assure us that Craig Wright never again handles a dog. What's that, he could have imposed a lifetime ban? Of course he could have, but that would only further the inane notion that cowards who beat on defenseless beings deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. I can assume if Craig Wright was found guilty of five counts of abusing a person Justice Corkery would have handed down the same sentence, no?

This should serve as a wake up call to all Justices who blindly throw out the most minimal of punishments for the most severe of brutal abuses against animals. In the meantime, Craig Wright has likely marked his calendar for March 28 2019, when he's free to get as many dogs as he wants to beat unmercifully.

UPDATE : September 29

After being released, Craig Wright has been sentenced to more time. Below is an excerpt from the full article on Craig Wright found on

DURHAM -- A former Oshawa dog trainer convicted of animal cruelty is going back to jail after an appeal court ruling that the sentence given him by a Durham judge was too lenient.
“We think the sentence was manifestly inadequate,” Ontario Court of Appeal Justice David Doherty said in ordering Craig Wright to serve another six months in jail. The ruling came after arguments Friday morning in Toronto.

The Crown appealed the sentence given Mr. Wright -- he was handed a suspended sentence and credited with three months of pretrial custody -- by Superior Court Justice Christopher Corkery at the end of a high-profile trial in Oshawa in early 2014. Mr. Wright was found guilty of five counts of cruelty to animals and one count of failing to provide proper care for a dog, charges arising from the operation of his FACW K9 training centre in south Oshawa.

Crown attorney Deborah Krick said Friday Justice Corkery erred in his assessment of the gravity of Mr. Wright’s crimes, including the pain and suffering he caused the dogs, and failed to give proper weight to Mr. Wright’s extensive criminal record, which includes convictions for criminal harassment, forcible confinement and sex offences.

“(The judge) miscalibrated the gravity of the offences and the moral culpability of the offender,” Ms. Krick said. Read more here.