Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everyone’s A Little Irish On St. Paddy’s Day- Including Your Pet! Check Out PetSmart Creative Grooming!

PetSmart is gearing up for the luckiest day of the year and wants to help pet parents spread the cheer with their furry family members.

Irish tails will be a waggin’ right alongside their owners as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. PetSmart Creative Grooming adds lucky charms and shades of the Emerald Isle directly to pets’ coats for the perfect temporary expression of Irish pride.
Creative grooming options include:
·         Colour chalking (including colored Mohawks, ears, or coat highlights and streaks)
·         Stencil art
·         Feathers and other accessories
All colouring is non-toxic and is treated with a spray that prevents transfer onto furniture and clothing. It can be removed with a wash.

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