Friday, January 10, 2014

Let's Adopt Global Defamation Lawsuit Update

Some months ago I wrote about the lawsuit initiated by Let's Adopt! Global, an organization with no small number of detractors. I promised I would provide an update as the case progressed.

Today I spoke to the Worcester Superior Court clerk's office. As it presently stands the case has been "frozen" until May. The judge presiding has given Let's Adopt Global additional time to attempt to prove jurisdiction in Massachusetts. Keep in mind this ruling only pertains to those defendants who have been properly and legally served, less than one third the number of individuals named in this case.

As for the rest of us? It appears that not one person named in the lawsuit who lives outside the United States has been served. Let's Adopt! Global maintains that we are cowardly hiding from the law. For whatever reason, Let's Adopt! Global was given a three month extension after the first three months elapsed. They were then given another three month extension. To my knowledge in the past nine months no one else outside the United States has been served, and it is unlikely they even tried to serve others. According to the court clerk, no further extension has been granted.

Should the organization wish to continue to persist that is their legal right. I can speak for no other individual named in this lawsuit but I can say I find it incredibly unsettling that the organization would attempt to continue with the case and again plea to its donors to fund any such action, when they have publicly stated not only did they need to use donor funds to pay for the case, Let's Adopt! Global also stated they did not have enough funds to pay for the animals in their care. Though again that is their right, as it is the right of any individual to donate to what I can only assume to be an ever increasing legal fund.

In the meantime Let's Adopt Global representatives have continued to attempt to sway public opinion by stating they have uncovered "criminal" pasts of the defendants, and claim they have records they intend to release.. This comes as no surprise to any of us. After all, this is the organization that publicly published our names and home addresses. I can not imagine why they would do such a thing. They even sent out a personal message to me with some very kind words :

OK so the words weren't that kind. Obviously the video merits no response. So there it is folks, it turns out the only thing that may be "pecedent setting" about this lawsuit is the fact that so few people named in the suit have actually been served. Should I ever find myself named in any other court case initiated by Let's Adopt! Global I will do exactly what I did this time. I will pay it little heed and as always, will stick to donating to my local no-kill shelters. Spending any funds, donated or otherwise for this kind of legal action may serve ego, revenge, or an attempt to silence others, but does not serve the animals. After all, isn't that what this should be about?