Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vote For Your Favourite Toronto Pet Businesses In The Toronto Pet Daily's "Best Of 2013" Awards - Winners Will Be Announced December 22

Readers can vote ONCE until December 21. To view the winners for the past three years click here.

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  1. Where We're Going is the walker we use (and we've used a couple). I would vote for them immediately if they were listed in the poll.

  2. How can I vote for my favorite Pet Photographer when Scruffy Dog Photography isn't listed? Thanks :)

  3. For everyone asking about Scruffy, she was originally on the list. I'm assuming she asked to have her name lifted, probably because she wanted to give the other photographers a chance. She is so nice and giving. ;)

  4. Wow, if that's the case, I frankly find it rude towards the other nominees in the category, quite the assumption being made that she was a shoe in. I also find it disrespectful to her fans who have nominated her. They obviously wanted to vote for her and she took away that opportunity from them.

    Based on my knowledge and experience as a behavioural analyst, seems to me after winning 3 years in a row, she took her 'ball' and went home to make sure there isn't a chance that she may not win. This is the only conclusion I can think of. Who wouldn't want the honour of winning or even being nominated by her followers and fans.

  5. wow, i'm sorry you feel this way, PeterJ. i just can't seem to do the 'right' thing, no matter what i do. the sad truth is, i have been harshly judged and criticized for prior "wins". because of the strong following i have built in my business, and because these contests do tend to unfold better for those who have built a strong following, no, i did not "assume" i was a "shoe in", but it's a given that my business will garner a lot of votes simply because of that strong following.

    i chose to remove my business because of this, to *guarantee* that another business can enjoy the title. i'm not asking to be applauded for this; i haven't announced it from the rooftops or anything; i just asked Gord to remove me and he agreed. i fail to see how that is SO wrong?

    if you are a psycholgist/analyst, i find it a little sad that you would feel it necessary to jump to "conclusions" and judge someone as harshly as you have without even asking them, knowing them, knowing where they are coming from, or even what kind of flak they may have taken from past wins and what has gone into their decision.

    please, everyone, have fun with the voting. there are some amazing businesses listed, and some amazing businesses NOT listed, of course. i've cast my vote for my favorite photographer on that list, and i even nominated someone else myself.

    PeterJ, i hope you can find it in your heart to look past who you THINK you think i am. you are wrong. and sadly, your little blast only reminds me why i don't want to take part in this sort of thing.

  6. I wasn't even sure if you withdrew, I was going based on what Lisa
    stated above. Now that this is confirmed, I stand by my opinion. The
    other photographers may feel or not feel insulted by you handing them
    the award (wink), but if I were them I would. Your photography is held
    at a high standard and I'm sure any photographer who strives to be the
    best at what they do, they would have preferred to compete in a friendly
    event with the best in field. I'm a huge fan of your work and always
    will be, but as for your nominees and fans, this one is truly

    Good luck to other photographers, especially the
    ones that have put in their dues. You deserve your nomination. For
    whomever wins, do not feel like it was a consolation prize. You are
    amazing also.

  7. PeterJ - This is Sandro from Leash Out. I was disappointed at first when I didn't see Scuffy's name because it is an honour to be nominated next to her. It's natural if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, but that's not what these awards are about. I cannot judge why she withdrew, that is her decision and we aren't in her shoes, so no one should judge her either, it is her decision and no one elses. As for myself, these competitions are a friendly reminder that there are fans out there that like our work and I'm honoured to represent them. There are some fantastic names still in the category and being next to them is just as much of an honour. We all have one thing in common, we love our animals and we want the best for them. That's something we all can agree on. Good luck everyone and let's have some fun.

  8. Well said's fair that everyone could share their take, now onward & upward to supporting the favourites in all categories!