Friday, November 22, 2013

It Is Time To Create An Animal Abuse Registry In Ontario

If you've been reading you are well aware that I speak on issues of animal welfare and abuse. Today I am asking that you assist me in the endeavour of making this province safer for all animals. I have created a petition directed to the Legislative Assembly Of Ontario, calling for the creation of an animal abuse registry in this province. New York recently passed such legislation.

Such a registry will go a long way to ensuring our animals' safety. It will help weed out illegitimate individuals and "rescues" that have been convicted of animal abuse yet through lack of proper legislation, can freely continue such abuse. Rescues will have a chance to do a simple search to see if any prospective employees, fosters, or adopters have ever been convicted of abusing animals. Individuals will have the ability to search online to see if a potential organization that sells pets through online classified ads has ever been convicted.

As always there will be those who will find a way to get around the system, though I certainly feel this is a very important first step in doing our best to further ensure the well being of animals throughout Ontario.

Please feel free to sign and share the linked petition, and as always share your opinion below.

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