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Let's Adopt Global Launches Lawsuit - The Toronto Pet Daily's MOST IMPORTANT TIMELINE Since The Salem Witch Trials - SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

Recently Let's Adopt Global, a very questionable organization started as a Facebook page, launched a joke of a defamation lawsuit against its critics (and now it's worse as Viktor Larkhill begs for donations). The organization has stated the critics have severely impeded its ability to conduct rescue, and made constant defamatory statements. I guess this has all reached a boiling point, which begs the question, "How did it come to this?" Well let's take it from the top with this brief timeline of events :

2008 - Year One

- Let's Adopt Global is founded as a Facebook page

- The organization originally focuses on animal welfare within Turkey, where its founder resides

- A Let's Adopt Bulgaria Facebook page is published. Donations are solicited yet no documents are found with regard to legal registration.

2009 - Year Two

- The organization publicly states on Facebook, "Let's Adopt has applied for full fledged UK charity status." To this day, no record of any such application has been found.

- Rescues are increased, while an internal email is written by the founder. Within the email he details the need to be "machiavelic". With regard to one dog, he states that he will, "take tons of pictures in different positions, with the dog wearing different scarves and leashes. It will look like they are taken in different times." The founder continues, "We'll be sending those pictures over a space of weeks. If they want to go visit you you won't be available because you are very busy. In a month time we'll send them an email saying the dog died overnight in her sleep. End of story." At least one organization board member and supporters say the message has been taken out of context.

2010 -Year Three

- The Let's Adopt Canada Facebook page is created categorized as a non-profit organization. To this date there is no legally registered non-profit Let's Adopt Canada.

2011 - Year Four

- Individuals begin questioning the validity of the organization. They question whether the group is registered, where donations are going, and if the organization is reporting its past three years of income anywhere.

- On November 26 a Facebook page is created addressing concerns that Let's Adopt Global is lacking transparency as they are not registered or accountable for donations. Ten days later on December 6 the organization finally files incorporation documents in Massachusetts but does not publicize this fact. On these documents the founder lists an address in Spain as his residence, though later on his own blog publicly states he has not lived at that address for 20 years.

- Rumours swirl that the founder of Let's Adopt Global is mired in legal controversy in Turkey. He relocates to Spain, later stating the move came not from legal issues, rather his desire to return to his home country. In a previously written email later uncovered, the founder informs the recipient he is moving out of Turkey, "where no one is taking me to court." 

2012 - Year Five

- In July the organization publicly declares that, "Let's Adopt IS a registered charity. We are registered in Boston Massachusetts." No such records exist in Massachusetts with The Attorney General's Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division at the time, as required by law. This date marks four years of the organization soliciting donations while not legally registered to do so as a charity, and seemingly not reporting income.

- Let's Adopt launches a new website clearly soliciting donations within the USA. Again at this time, the organization is not legally registered to solicit charitable donations anywhere. Past donors launch complaints to the IRS and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

- In December, Let's Adopt Global raises over $44 000 for one case. Again at the time, the organization is not legally registered to solicit funds as a charity despite having publicly stated otherwise. After more people raise concerns, from this point on the organization stops publishing how much it collects for each case.

2013 - Year Six

- The organization again finds itself in hot water over a rescued dog in Spain. It states that this rescue will cost over $8 000, and begins soliciting donations. The veterinarian in charge of the dog's care however, publicly states he has no idea where the figure comes from, as it is highly inflated in comparison to his $3000 or so estimate. Let's Adopt Global claims it is taking the original rescuer of the dog to court. To date, no court documents have been released. For the plaintiff's account, see below.

- People in Spain question why donations are being solicited while at the time the organization is not legally registered to do so in the country. Let's Adopt Global responds that it does not solicit donations in Spain. The Let's Adopt Spain Facebook page is removed and/or hidden.

- More people begin contacting the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with concerns that Let's Adopt Global is defrauding the public by soliciting funds as a charity while not legally registered to do so.

- As of March 19, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts states that Let's Adopt Global is not registered with The Attorney General's Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division and until recently had not submitted annual financial reports pursuant to Massachusetts charity law.

- On April 5, Let's Adopt Global launches a defamation lawsuit against 38 defendants. To pay for this legal action the organization pleads with people to donate to their legal fund. In an email to supporters the founder states the organization is in debt over $20 000 to veterinarians, raising public concern that past funds have been mismanaged.

- On June 5 the founder issues a press release condemning the defendants, and publishes the names and home addresses of the defendants online.


Meanwhile in one of the most self important and comical statements I've ever read, the group's treasurer says, "Not since the Salem Witch Trials has mass hysteria and gossip been allowed to wreak such havoc and cause so much harm as it has on social media outlets."

So THAT folks, is how we have ended up here.  About the only thing I can agree on with Let's Adopt Global is that the organization certainly is, "A new kind of animal rescue." Now I'm off to go figuratively burn some witches.

BTW if you'd like to read my past opinions on the questionable conduct of Let's Adopt Global and its officers, feel free to scroll up this page.


While I'm on my witch hunt, feel free to read these two accounts from people who have had direct contact with Let's Adopt Global. The first is by Incilay Golden, a rescuer who used to foster/adopt for the organization, and was written before the founder relocated from Turkey to Spain. The second is a translated account by Cristina Irina Munoz Garcia, a well known animal rescuer in Spain and one party involved in the Spanish court case mentioned above. Cristina's statements are taken from an interview she gave to a Spanish newspaper.

"I am the first name on Let' Adopt named group's Black List. When Victor Larkhill, aka Ivan Jimenez, aka Matt Murdock (all not the name of the individual, these are the names he has registered as his profile on Facebook, which, in itself is a violation of Facebook laws, using false identities to register on Facebook) When This fictitious individual first was planning to form the group called "Let's Adopt" he invited me to be one of his representatives in Europe. During our correspondences back and forth to Turkey, where this individual lives, I had many differences of opinion with him because of his strong arm techniques. He would "steal" private gardens, deaming the person was not fit to be a pet owner. He would publish the person's name, address, telephone number and picture and invite his friends in the group to harass the person. Sometime the person he wanted harassed was a vet that demanded payment for his services. When he was asked to help with a injured or sick dog, after placing the dog in a vet that was his friend, he would find a person in Europe to adopt the dog, and would advocate changing the dog's appeance by shaving or bleaching it, so as not to return the dog to it's proper owner. I have correspodence written by him to proove this. At the time Victor/Ivan/Matt (none are his legal name) was formig his group, in 2008, he was having a well documented and well published tiff with an established and registered Animal Protection Agency in Turkey. The ugly public tiff included Victor/Ivan/Matt sending correspondence of public name calling, profanity and insults, correspondence sent to all the papers and, and sending of the picture of his naked bottom to the manager of this animal protection agency. This went on for almost a year and is well documented and published. During this period of time Victor/Ivan/Matt found a puppy that was born blind and requested that I adopt it. He place the dog in foster care, during which time all the necessary legal documentation for the dog to be flown overseas from Istanbul to Germany could be completed. At the end of the 4 month prescribed time I flew to Istanbul, bringing along a dog carrier to transport the dog back to Germany. Victor/Ivan/Matt came to the airport personally to pick the dog carrier from me. After 3 days, I was to meet him at the airport, to take the dog back to Germany. He said that he had arranged with the airport officials the flight ticket of the dog. When I met him at the airport to take posession of the dog, there was no arrangement with the officials, it appeared that Ivan/Victor/Matt had no personal rapor with the dog (that I was seeing for the first time), the dog was attacking him and any person that came near it's cage. I was told to pay for the dog's flight ticket, I did this with no "reduced fare" as Victor had promised. When I took the dog out of it's carrier, imagine my surprise when I came face to face with a 7-8 month pit bull mix, another fact that Victor/Ivan/Matt failed to disclose. I am happy to report that the vicious looking pitbull is our much loved dog, we named her Listen. She has her own Facebook profile, it is called: My Name Is Listen. Victor continued his tiff with the Turkish Animal Protectio Agency's manager, Gamze Neer during this time. It was all out publicv, ugly fight. I did not wish to be involved in Victor's malicious, and rude outbursts and defamation attempts. I made peace with Gamze Neer and decided not to be involved in Victor's dubious schemes. During 2009 Victor found another blind puppy in Istanbul that I decided to adopt. The dog was put in foster care. I bought my flight ticket for the end of the prescribed 4 month period to take the dog back to Germany. During our summer vacationin Istanbul, we visited the foster family, met our prospective puppy, fell in love with her, and we had brought medical supplies and dog needs to donate to the Let's Adopt group. After returing to Germany, Victor demanded that I stop any and all correspondence with Gamze Neer, severe my relationship or he would not give me the puppy he promised. I wrote to him that my personal friendships were none of his business. As retaliation to this (I still have his letter he wrote me) he sent the puppy I was adopting and sponsoring to the USA and put my name on his "Black List". I have many many people to attest to this, both from his former friends and his former Let's Adopt members, as well as others who know me through the dog rescue groups. I sponsoring and rescued over 100 dogs from Turkey, all at my own cost, without asking any financial support from any person or group. I have 5 (it was 6 till last month, one of my babies died of cancer at the age of 14) rescued dogs at home that I adopted, my daughter and my teacher friends have adopted many of the dogs I rescued. I can proove all above claims to anyone who asks for documentation of the facts. I The dogs I rescued can be seen on Facebook on the page named : Saved by Incilay and Let's Adopt (shero) site, Turkish dogs in Germany site. I have all Victor/Ivan/Matt's and his friends correspondence sent me. I have kept all the messages that Victor and his friends wrote when he asked for his followers to harass me and insult me, while he himself sent me horrible personal insults. He also stole and downloaded a my photograph from my profile, and is using it as his poster for his "Black List" blog. When you visit Victor Larkhill's profile and Ivan Jimenez' prorfile, you will see that he has the schools attended, on one it is in Paris, in the other it is in London. In fact he has not attended any of these schools, his profiles are fictitious, all of them are not his real legal name. He lives in Istanbul with his girlfriend, in a very upscale house, but since he does not have a job, he is not able to open a bank account, or even pay the electricity or water or telephone bill, since all require for him to be registered with his "tax" number. He is not registereed in any capacity in Turkey, most of all as a charity. He is not registered in the USA as a charity either. It also requires for him to be a resident of the USA and have a tax number to be able to pay taxes or be exempt from paying taxes due to being a "registered" charity. Victor has friends in the uSA who let him use their bank accounts to funnel the monies he collects as donation. He even attemted to get prize money from Reader's Digest by using a hispanic friend's name who lives in USA to submit a story, and asked all his followers to vote for that friend so that they could "collect" the prize money. This is the man now who claims he is Victor's groups' manager in MA. Victor does not have a career, neither does he work. He sits in front of the computer at his girlfriend's apartment and sends messages through Facebook, using photos of dogs that he downloads from diffrerent sites, animals that are in horrible conditions so he can use the images to pull at the heart strings of unsuspecting people to gather donations. This is the only way this man supports himself. He has no other means of support. He has found that on Facebook facts are not checked and verified, Facebook welcomes groups with a large following, it brings advertising revenues to Facebook, so they choose not to check Ivan Jimenez, Victor Larkhill, Matt Murdock's profile to protect the public from this fictitious person and his schemes. If Facebook was as vigilant on policing groups such as "Let's Adopt" as they are in harassing individual profile pages, this kind of fraud would not go on. It is up to each individual to do a through search on fictitious charity groups like "Let's Adopt", so people like Victor Larkhill, Ivan Jimenez, Matt Murdock and many other profiles on Facebook this fictitious person uses to collect their hard earned cash. Please check and re-check, if nothing else, go to your local shelter and donate in person. Save a life, adopt a pet. Donate. Volunteer." Incilay Golden


First contact with Let's Adopt! What was your impression?

Horrible. Ivan came and the only thing he did was telling his “war stories”, scorning the people who donated little money, I did not like when I spoke with him two minutes. When he saw Bianka, he didn’t even caress her at any time, nor came close to her. His obsession was to take pictures and more pictures, videos in two languages and little else. I did not see him affected at any time by her state, he was cold, and of course, I did not like it. The first impression was horrible, to tell you the truth.

Bianka enters the clinic and begins her treatment supervised by Let's Adopt!, What made you finally reject his support?

First his reaction with Bianka, the fact that he didn’t even look at her, but then, the day they operated Bianka and I called to see how things were going they said they would not give me information. I called this Mr. Ivan Jimenez and he started telling me that under no circumstances should I say the date of Bianka’s operation, because then they would lose Bianka’s donations, which were only 200 euros so far. And of course the photos would be published only if he thought it opportune. He also told me that he would not publish the bills, because nobody needs to see them, and Greenpeace doesn’t show bills or give explanations, so he doesn’t need to either. He said Bianka’s operation would be 8,000 euros and when I asked the orthopaedist, he told me that not even in dreams it would cost that much. He didn’t know from where this man had gotten that amount. All I saw was that he wanted me to lie in everything and he thought that he could use me as his puppet, and he was completely mistaken.

 ***I have learned that I, and other Canadians have been targeted in this lawsuit....we very much look forward to defending ourselves (even though not one person in Canada has been served, further raising concern that "Let's Adopt Global" is a legitimate organization). I will gladly write an article about this "lawsuit" in the coming days....stay's going to put the Salem Witch Trials to shame! Sue me once, shame on you....

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