Saturday, May 4, 2013

Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) - An INVALUABLE Resource

HeLP NEWS - The Pet Network Partners with HeLP
Thank you to our first Platinum Sponsor
Click Here to view our 30 second commercial produced by THE PET NETWORK
When your pet is missing you need all the HeLP you can get. We are thrilled The Pet Network is helping your pet to get back home. Please visit their facebook page and LIKE them at: 
Tune in Monday May 6, 2013 at 10 pm Eastern Time as The Pet Network presents the world television premiere of NORTH PAWS. This original new documentary tells the inspiring story of volunteers who are battling against the odds to protect and save the lives of dogs in Canada's northern communities. For more information, visit

About The Pet Network
For Canadians who love pets, The Pet Network is the only television destination entirely dedicated to delivering entertaining and informative stories about the beloved animal companions who share our lives. Please visit and let them know how much their support of means to pet lovers everywhere.

Other HeLP News
Volunteer Lost / Found Organizations are joining and using HeLP
Over 30 Lost / Found Recovery Organizations have joined us and are using our website. These volunteers are truly amazing and an integral part of getting lost pets back home. We are pleased to provide our website and services free to these organizations as they assist families in their area to find their pets.
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, Lost Dogs of Texas and Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network are three of these groups. We urge you to find an organization near you. Join them and help more pets to get home near you.  Click here to see how to view organizations on our map.
Click Here to see how we can HeLP your organization.
Animal Services, Shelters and Humane Societies are joining and using HeLP
Over 65 Animal Services, Shelters and Humane Societies have joined HeLP. We have many shelters that use our website to list their found strays.  This makes it easier for the public to search multiple shelters for their missing pet on one website. Saving people time searching online, means they can spend more time physically searching for their pet. Many of these organizations have our link on their website so the public can post Lost Pets for FREE.
Have you set your location so you can receive alerts for pets near you?
How many pets go missing within 2 miles of you?  Thankfully, it's not many and so you won't be inundated with emails for pets outside your area. You choose how big or small to make your alert area. It's just one of the many features of our website that make it so effective.  And don't forget, please add your Safe pets to our website now.  We hope you never need us, but if you do, you won't waste valuable time in adding your missing pet.
Here's a tutorial that shows you how to set your location and alert radius:
Contact Phone Number now Mandatory for All Lost / Found Listings
We have recently made it mandatory for all lost / found pet listings to now include your phone number to contact you. Your phone number is not made public. We also urge you to authorize any animal control, shelter or veterinarian to contact you if they believe they have found your pet. You do this when you list your pet by clicking on a checkbox after you have entered your phone number. Our members have thousands of pets also listed as Safe on our website.  We also recommend you micro-chip your pet and license your pet with your local municipality.  We all want your pet back home if they go missing.
FastMatchtm can help you find your pet
  Fast Matchtm (FM) makes it easy to scan lost and found listings and match a lost listing with a found listing. Anyone can use FM. There are thousands of volunteers across the country that help people find their pet. Please be sure to let people know that in order for FM to work, the pets must be listed on (HeLP). Click Here for more information

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  1. We have in Europe a central database called

    Smaller national databases are connected to this central one and when a pet gets registered with his/her microchip number in a national database, the data are then authomatically transferred to the central database, too.
    It works just fine.

    Especially because in many European countries microchipping is mandatory at least for the dogs.
    When you want to travel with your pet and cross a border then the pet (dog, cat or ferret) MUST be microchipped.