Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....OSPCA Pulling Out Of Grey-Bruce

What do you do if you are the "animal police" within Ontario and on a tight budget? The OSPCA is simply ceasing operation in one community.  The OSPCA states that Grey-Bruce is currently costing the organization money, an 80% deficit. As a result the decision has been made to let Grey-Bruce fend for itself when it comes to animal welfare. According to OSPCA inspector Jennifer Bluhm, “As of June 1 there needs to be a very appropriate plan in place or there are going to animals that are going to suffer.” How's that for an ominous statement?

It seems whoever is managing the books at the OSPCA has come up with an easy solution to offset any past mismanagement of funds or downward spiral in donations. I guess the millions received from the provincial government and Ontario citizens aren't enough. Sure it's a quick fix, though the powers that be at the OSPCA seem to be forgetting one minor detail :


This goes far beyond passing the buck under any circumstance. The Ontario government has placed immense power in the hands of the OSPCA. I don't recall the OSPCA complaining once. Now when money's tight it's time to push the problem on someone else? Sorry, that just doesn't cut it. OSPCA, it is YOUR responsibility to find a solution, one that does not come at the expense of donors or entire communities. It is your job OSPCA, to FIX THIS PROBLEM.

The OSPCA has only itself to blame when it comes to Grey-Bruce. If the OSPCA truly cares about animals let management knock off a couple hundred thousand off their salaries, that way they can continue in the region. I know, I know, a ludicrous suggestion.

Ontarians it seems, have simply had enough of the rogue organization, and things need to change at the OSPCA. If the OSPCA is right about one thing, it is that there are going to be ANIMALS that are going to suffer. Can someone please remind me what the "A" in OSPCA stands for?

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