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Let's Adopt Global In Debt $20 000 - Appeals To The Public To Bail Them Out.

This week a fan of this blog, one who previously donated to Let's Adopt Global, forwarded me an email that she had received. In case you have not read my past articles on what I and many animal welfare advocates consider to be the most suspect organization, feel free to pawruse.

Let's Adopt! Global Announcement

At the crossroads.

This is a critical email and one that I wish I never had to send.

If you are reading this, you are among our biggest supporters. You are
likely to have adopted one of our animals, to have participated in one
or several of our rescues, you have possibly fostered in the past, or
are fostering right now, and, most importantly, you have helped us
financially when it has been needed the most.

By now many of you have met me personally, to some I'm a close friend,
to others I'm that voice from cyberspace that prompts you to action, to
all I'm the Founder of the Rescue you love.

Over the years, I  have gained your trust, by being there, day after
the day, in a reliable and constant way. It is this trust I want to
appeal to today.
As you know for the last year and a half Let's Adopt Global and our
friends have been under constant attack by a small but determined
group of individuals. What started as just a nuisance to be ignored, a
little mole of sorts, has developed into full fledged cancer,
spreading across the internet like wildfire and threatening to
completely destroy our credibility.
From the beginning we had trouble deciding how to handle this problem.
Our friends were telling us to ignore them, but the more we ignored
them the more they increased their efforts, the gravity and the 
craziness of their accusations.

We tried to understand them and their motives. It didn't make ANY
sense for a group of people to band together and destroy one of the
most groundbreaking animal rescue efforts there is. A group that
consistently saves lives all over the world by operating in countries
where animal welfare is nothing but a dream -- Indonesia, Turkey,
Bulgaria, Spain, and the Middle East.
Then we understood. Those people didn't want anything in particular...
they just wanted to destroy us. Some men just want to watch the world
We had to do something. Over the past six months we have built an
incredibly detailed legal case describing this orchestrated defamation
campaign, filled to the brim with criminal lies and falsehoods that
have gravely hurt us personally and severely damaged our capacity to
fulfill our mission. Finally, this week we filed our suit in front of
the Massachusetts court.  Thirty-eight defendants will have to give
the judge some explanations and prove that statements like:
" Let's Adopt! is a criminal organization"
" Let's Adopt! tortures dogs"
" Someone needs to expose these criminals and murderers"
But not for a day, not for a second, have we stopped our work. With every
attack, we too redoubled our life saving efforts as well as increasing
the complexity of our cases. Some of our rescues were profiled in
detail in our page, the vast majority weren't.
This combination of circumstances has created a "Perfect Storm" for
us. A massive influx of cases that no one else would have helped, a
dramatic raise in our veterinary bills worldwide, combined with an
equally dramatic reduction in the number of charitable donations 
due to the defamation campaign  has created a severe financial 
crunch and threatens to bring this incredible group to our knees.

Our biggest expense by far is veterinary treatments and surgeries, and 
we are right now about
20.000 USD in debt in vet bills alone. 

This amount may be nothing for a large organization, but to us is large 
enough to threaten our survival.

Let's Adopt is run with the most idealist and visionary principles in mind: to
provide the absolute best chances to our animals; to never compromise
in veterinary care; to take them wherever their ideal home is found,
being that home around the corner or right across the world. To set up
a new benchmark in animal rescue. To move the world to save a life.
I need your help today. I need to ask you, personally, or as
close as personally as this medium allows, to help us in any way you
can. It may be in the form of an outright donation, it may even be in
the form of a short term loan to the organization to be documented formally, but we need help, and we need it soon.  Otherwise, we will
have to bring our operations to a sudden and total halt, and quite
simply, animals like Monty, Carpi, Troy, Ayten Hope, Angel Cat, Angie,
Dorian, Monkey, Samson and so many others will die, simply because
no one else will fight for them...
Please, today, more than ever, help us continue our mission.
Please, if you can, help us today, because more than ever today we need you.

Viktor Larkhill
Founder and President
Let's Adopt! Global

(should you wish your donation to us to be considered a loan please drop me an
email on and we will draft a legal document to
reflect this).

Let's Adopt! Global
56 Everett Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550

Let us vivisect this email shall we?

It appears that Let's Adopt Global is in such desperation that the organization is directly pleading to former donors, those exact individuals whose charity has apparently been hugely mismanaged in the first place! Of course it is accompanied with text that comes across as nothing more than emotional blackmail : animals will die without your donation. One has to wonder why was this plea not made on the group's 70 000+ Facebook page? I guess they don't have enough confidence in their fan base, sorry "casual" donors. In the past I have donated to over 50 local no-kill shelters and if one of them sent me such a solicitation for extra funds because they didn't have the know how to properly allocate my donation in the first place? Sorry my pocket is empty. I will however, continue to donate to those organizations that have been able to use my past donation and operate out of the red.

If you read one sentence (there are many) from this solicitation that speaks to the incredibly pure ignorance that accompanies Let's Adopt Global it is this one : "With every attack, we too redoubled our life saving efforts as well as increasing the complexity of our cases." Let's get this straight. As a result of the public questioning the legitimacy and manner in which this organization conducts day to day operations, Let's Adopt Global has found itself $20 000 in debt. Their solution? TAKE ON TWO TIMES THE NUMBER OF CASES!!! (please excuse my caps, I don't know what got into me). To ensure I was on the right, yesterday I visited a local elementary school and was relieved when 32 second graders told me my math was just fine. I will say I am somewhat confused however, as just three weeks ago the group's treasurer publicly stated that donations have NOT dropped and if anything they should be thanking detractors for bringing them more attention. I guess the tides have turned quickly as this email makes very clear that now :


Let's Adopt Global continuously attempts to drill into people's heads the fact it is the ONLY organization that accepts such extreme cases. Unfortunately there is one thing the organization can never bring itself to accept : RESPONSIBILITY. Could they be in debt due to mismanagement of funds? Nope. How about a treasurer who clearly can't manage a budget? Nope. Surely some fault lays in the hands of the founder, who seemingly spends the majority of his days insecurely attempting to amass more "fans"? You know, the same guy who called a mentally challenged woman a "retard", told his fans he was going to make an airport employee "famous", said he has pictures of one detractor masturbating her dog, surmised that in my spare time I enjoy sexual relations with animals (you CAN'T make this stuff up folks!)? You are wrong again. The organization states again, and again......and again.....and again......that all fault lies with the haters.

Just who ARE these haters? I can naturally assume I am one as the group has publicly stated multiple times on Facebook that they are suing me. I will say that if I am not anywhere in the top 10 of the 38 I will be extremely disappointed. The others? They primarily come from Turkey, the U.S, Canada, Spain, and the U.K. Can I tell you more about them? Not much as I don't know many of them personally. That's right, these "Haters" are a worldwide group that have assembled having never met before. Their ONE commonality? Let's Adopt Global and the way the organization has for years lied to and harassed everyday folk. That, and anything starring Tom Hanks.

The founder seemingly lacking any originality, continuously quotes lines from movies to express himself, lines such as, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." OK I'll bite, how about, "Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which, of course, in German means a whale's vagina." Why pick a quote that has absolutely nothing to do with this? Quite simply, nothing. Let's Adopt Global has ever done or ever will do will ever make sense. 

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