Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally Rescue Done Right!

At the shelter
Though it didn't start out that way.....

Last week I was invited to a Facebook event. The organizer, Michelle Brew, was soliciting donations from the public to pull three dogs from a shelter in Miami Dade. If you were to do your homework you'd find Ms. Brew has quite a reputation within the rescue community here in Toronto. No worries, I've done enough homework for us all!

For starters, a donation page was set up and it quickly showed over $350 collected. The next day that page was taken down and ANOTHER donation page went up and it amassed over $100. By the second day however, people began probing further and asking legitimate questions. When one individual inquired as to why there was a second donation page Ms. Brew responded that the determined amount needed to save the pups was not as much as first anticipated, so a new amount was established. Here's the kicker : Ms. Brew told that individual that she had refunded all donations from the first page, a position she maintains. How does that even make sense?

The next concern raised came from another discrepancy. Ms. Brew stated the rescue operation was a go and the dogs were ready to be pulled from the shelter. Great news right? WRONG. When the shelter was contacted, they confirmed they had not put any holds on the dogs and they had no idea about the fundraising. Not only that, but it was made clear that pulling the dogs to transport to Canada was not an option, as the director of Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) said they would never knowingly let a rescue pull a dog knowing they were sending to another rescue and/or adopter in Canada. As is policy, rescues that pull from Miami Dade have to be a 501c3 and registered with MDAS. I guess Ms. Brew never even bothered to check with MDAS about policy. Besides, who needs policy when you've got donations!!

Alas it looked as though yet another Facebook scam artist was lining their pockets at the expense of helpless animals. It looked as though the dogs fate was sealed, until.....

One wonderful woman took it upon herself to do the one thing Facebook scam artists can't seem to do in these circumstances. She ACTED FOR THE ANIMALS.

Seeing no other solution, on Sunday Barbie Nemeth packed up the car in South Carolina and drove down to Florida to rescue these three lovely pups.

Here is Barbara's take on her adventure :

Gettin' styled for the trip home!
"On Monday or Tuesday of last week we became aware of 3 small dogs out of Miami Dade Animal Services.

I along with a fantastic group of women collectively worked to find out the status of these 3 dogs and why they were being looked passed. What we learned was that 2 other woman had posted that they were working on the dogs to be brought to Canada.

And then it dawned on us that a lot of people thought these dogs were safe when in fact they were not.

We called every rescue we could think of and hit a brick wall at every turn.

I decided to hell with it, they aren’t safe so I am leaving and leaving right then on the spot to drive from Charleston, SC to Miami, FL. I grabbed my oldest daughter Tifaney, and my youngest Cassie and my 2 grand babies and off we went.

On the way I received a call from a lady by the name Judy who happened to be a volunteer at the shelter. She spoke with the supervisor and made arrangements for all 3 dogs to be spay/neutered and ready for adoption by 2:30pm on Sunday.

Now here is the fun part, we thought we were adopting 2 little ladies and 1 little man.

When we went back to pick them up it turns out one of the girls was actually a boy, they even still had him as a female after he was neutered. Anyway, we ended adopting all 3 because we knew they all came in together and they needed to stay together. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen." 

Now I can happily report that all three dogs, named Alicia, Palmer, and Chaos, are happy at home with Barbie and her family. Take a look at the video below.

In the meantime, Barbie was forwarded funds to help rescue these sweet dogs. After receiving $1200 from one amazing woman, Barbie discovered the woman is battling cancer and had used her full tax refund to save the lives of these three precious souls. Simply put, that woman is a hero.

I think it's time we all step up a bit. Barbie has made it clear that she has assumed full financial responsibility for these dogs, as they are now her family. She has however, set up a donation page as she would like to repay that amazing woman. The money was put toward fuel and transportation costs, veterinary care, grooming, and supplies, as well as a quarantine kennel as the dogs need to be partially isolated for a two week period.. Barbie has posted all receipts to the Facebook group "Miami's Little Trio". It's so wonderful to see such transparency! You can also keep up to date on the progress that the little ones are making!

If you can help, please visit the donation page that Barbie created. Remember all, I'm the first one to say DO YOUR HOMEWORK before making any donations. If you have any questions Barbie's contact information is on the page. Remember this is not a registered charity, so you will not receive a tax deductible receipt.

To the woman battling cancer who donated her tax return? Words can not express what an angel you are. In YOUR time of need and through all YOUR challenges, you have acted for the animals. You serve as the ideal example of the humanity so many of us strive to achieve every day. You ARE compassion. You ARE love. We wish you all the best at this time.

To Barbie? Thank you for quickly stepping up when you saw that these three dogs were being used as pawns. Thank you for opening your heart and home to them. We can only thank you so many times, but rest assured Alicia, Palmer, and Chaos will be thanking you every day for the rest of their amazing lives!

To Ms. Brew and all other individuals who continue to utilize social media and the animals to make a quick buck? Please take the time to read from the top, you might just learn a thing or two.