Monday, February 11, 2013

The First Photo Contest Of 2013 Has Arrived!

Been a while hasn't it? Well wait no longer as it's yet another opportunity for you to win cash and prizes, and the theme of this photo contest is.....

Reader's Choice!!!

It's not that I'm lazy and couldn't come up with a's simply that it's about time for you guys to choose your best photo and not have to worry about fitting into any particular category. I have been a bit of a dictator with past contests haven't I? Point taken.

First, the rules :

1) The contest is open from today until Friday March 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm.
2) One photo per person limit, and images may be professional, but not copyrighted.
3) Please send photos to and include the name of the pet(s), as well as your name and address.
4) Finalists will be announced on Saturday March 16, and then voting will be open until March 31. The winners will be revealed on April 1.
5) Contest open to Canadian residents only

And now, the prizes :

First place : $250 cash and $250 to the animal shelter or rescue of the winner's choice

Second place : $50.00 gift certificate to Global Pet Foods

Third place : $25 gift certificate to Global Pet Foods

Through these contests the TPD has given over $1000 to charity and over $4800 in prizes.....let's keep giving shall we?

There you have it all......get snappin' and check out the Global Pet Foods' "Show Us Your Heart" Campaign!

Thanks all!