Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Business Spotlight - Pet Pedis

Does your pet howl when she's taken to the groomer for her pedicure?  
Tired of paying through the nose for your dog's nails?  
Why not have Pet Pedis come to you?

I trim your pet's nails at home where they're most comfortable.  
My method uses soothing language, treats and working at your pet's pace.  

Pet Pedis prices are $15 for dogs and $10 for cats and rabbits.  
$2 extra will be added for more "fussy" pets.  
I also do hair trimming of your pet's "delicate" areas for $10-15.  

Please call for an appointment with Pet Pedis at 416-999-2044 or email at petpedis@gmail.com 

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ABOUT ME:  My name is Meaghan and I'm a proud owner for a rescue dog and three cats.  I've worked as a veterinary assistant for three years and am currently studying to become a veterinary technician.  Animals enrich my life every day and I believe I can help your loved one have a comfortable nail trimming experience without the added stress of going to a clinic.  If you would like client references before booking an appointment, I can provide them!

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