Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes, Puppies Can Get Arthritis Too! Here's Some Interesting Info On The Subject

How do Puppies Get Arthritis

We don’t often associate arthritis in dogs with younger canines, so arthritis may not be the first thing
we look for in puppies. Although, the same way that human youth can develop arthritis, so can puppies. Keeping the fuzz healthy and active will go a long way in preventing them from developing any type of arthritis.

The Weight of Pain

Just like when you put too much weight on a steel beam, it can bend and stress, your puppy’s bones
can do the same. If he/she is not active enough during the day, the weight can accumulate and put
unneeded stress on their bones. The UK Kennel Club states that puppies need five minutes of exercise per day, multiplied by their age in months, twice a day. That means if your puppy is 5 months old, multiply that by 5, and they need 25 minutes twice a day.


How many times in your life have you watched your dog do something, covered your mouth and
shouted “Oh! God!” That’s because fur-balls will be fur-balls. Some puppies, especially the less
experienced of them, can be prone to risk taking. Injuries have the potential to cause arthritis in dogs,
especially young ones, if the muscle and tissue has undergone significant damage. Your best way around this is to ensure that they get the amount of exercise needed to take the strain of potential injuries. A strong muscular-skeletal system will provide a much better padding against injuries.


Puppies need good food to function – and enough of it! If they are lacking in nutrition, bones and
muscles are going to suffer and weaken, because they aren’t receiving the proper amount of vitamins
and nutrients. This is when arthritis in dogs can occur. Different breeds, sizes and ages of dogs will have various requirements. A growing pup is going to require a food with high caloric intake and nutrition, so make sure you pick a food that reflects those needs, and because they are using up so much of that energy, they’ll need to be fed three to four times a day.

By always reading the labels on the food you buy, you get to know exactly what is in it and whether or not it will provide the adequate amount of nutrition for your dog, but if you can’t pronounce it, you
probably shouldn’t be letting your dog eat it.

The Unavoidable

Sometimes, no matter what you do, a dog will still develop arthritis. There are diseases out there that
can cause arthritis, and they are immune to the level of health your dog has. Because there is no way
to prevent these types of surprises, just make sure your dog gets a check up every once and a while to
make sure everything is ticking in tip-top shape.

All Together Now

All of these different factors need to be taken together to get an effective defense against dog arthritis,
because they are all very closely connected to one another. Exercise will help prevent obesity, diet will aid in better exercise and exercise will prevent injury and so on. The more you concentrate on providing a balanced lifestyle, the better the different systems will work with one another, giving you a balanced puppy.

Now That You Know

Once your vet has determined the arthritis and the causes for it, you can start your puppy on a regiment that will help to strengthen its muscles and bones. Exercise and diet are the best ways to combat arthritis, but too much of it can be just as damaging. Your vet might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics or painkillers to help reduce the discomfort your puppy feels.

Remember: Never administer medication that hasn’t been prescribed to your dog. Giving your dog anti- inflammatory medication, like Tylenol, can have adverse effects on your dog. Speak with your vet for more information on the options available for your puppy. .

Puppies can get arthritis for many of the same reasons older or aging can get arthritis. Just because
we often associate arthritis with age doesn’t mean they are not prone to developing it, but if they do
develop it, there is no reason they have to suffer needlessly and every reason to make sure they enjoy
every bit of the good life.