Monday, January 28, 2013

This Is How Let's Adopt Global Treats Others - It Is Called Bullying

Will business supporters please stop telling me that my articles are based on lies? I guess not, so here are just a few examples of the ways in which the business' representatives treat those who question them. I will post more as there are many. Go ahead and pawruse. Am I playing the "victim card"? Are all of these people? Still going through all the posts coming in from around the world. I guess the business really is global. More to come....

One woman is termed "an idiot"

Another is insulted for her appearance.
I'm glad they left her daughter out of it.

Remember, no one cares about my appearance...

How sweet, the founder of the business telling one to
prostitute herself

As is the business' habit, they love to "make people famous"
by getting brainwashed supporters to hound them through
Facebook or email. Unlike the business I did not include
this man's picture or identity

Classy. Accusing a woman of sexually
abusing a dog

This mentally challenged woman got off easy, as she's just one of the
many "retards" business seems to hate

Another insult....go for the jugular!

No, I will not post this child's face, nor insinuate
that anything is "perverted"

Irony is lost on the business. Here they take on an individual
and his multiple aliases. I wonder who is writing this,
Viktor Larkhill, Ivan Jimanez, Victor Chacon, Matt Murdoch?
Hi pot, I'm kettle.

Nothing like publishing one's phone number in the hopes
she'll get blasted with hate messages

Threats of a lawsuit. It truly deflects from any reasonable answers

"Stupid child" - Yes Raciel you should give
parenting lessons

Thanks for bringing my mom into this. But why not call me
"prince"? I thought you said you don't care about my sexuality?

Language mister!

Another polite response to a reasonable question

Some advice : Never, ever threaten someone online that
you will be meeting them soon.

Yup you read that right....the business will give you
$250 a day PER CAT if you foster for them.

Over $6000 was raised so the business could
publish a book. That was nearly a year ago. Of course no such book exists.

So......all these posts are "bullshit"?

When all else fails, mock people due to
their sexuality and physical appearance
Yes, this is just how concerned the business
is with animals.

Did they remove this post or use it to incite? Take a wild guess.

Does any of the above seem becoming of any self-described "charity"? When Amnesty International gets detractors does the organization head to its Facebook page to tell people to fuck off, call them ugly, fat, idiot, hookers, retarded, or post pictures of their children? Does it plead with its followers to try and make those detractors "famous"? Maybe the business' upper members truly think all the above communications are funny. Nothing like laughing all the way to the bank I suppose.

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  1. Is this a professional business? NOT!!! These snippets are but a few of their many attacks and insults.  As one person who has been insulted for asking for them to pay up on their part of a rescue that they pledged for, I know their snipes firsthand.  They still owe a rescuer in Italy 200 Euro who fronted them the money for their part of a rescue that they promised to pay.  Their response? They blocked me, swore at me, and added me to their nasty lying blog campaigns. They never paid that Italian rescuer. Certainly they had the money from their reserve funds of tens of thousands of dollars....

  2. Sigh.  And this is just the very tip of the iceberg.  Ivan Chacon Jimenez is nothing more than a cowardly bully sitting behind a keyboard.  He is a cyber-bully and a keyboard warrior of the worst possible type.  His followers recent comments mocking someone who may have had suicidal tendancies and telling her to "Please try again" are a new low, even for them.  Remind me please - what does their despicable behavior have to do with rescuing animals?

  3. Their foul mouths and twisted minds are their own downfall. 

  4. I'm the "stupid child" that Raciel is mocking! :P
    Hilariously, he mistook me for a high school student, and proceeded to use a Timeline event that I posted as a joke for fodder against me.

  5. I am flabberghasted. Gord I sincerely hope that you informing authorities about the abuses thrown at you. As for the threats against so many, again authorities need to know. I hope that in the end you fare well. Keep up the good work, eventually your goodness will outshine their derranged potty mouths.