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Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr...."Let's Adopt Global" Insinuating I Killed A Dog, All The While Subjecting One To What Many Consider Torture

And we're off.....Viktor Larkhill and Let's Adopt Global won't let up on me. First they threatened that me and basically anyone who questions them would all be in for "the Christmas of a lifetime" as a result of a massive lawsuit. It never came, as in Spain or Turkey or wherever "Thousandairre" Viktor Larkhill now sits counting the dollar signs on his latest ChipIn donations, evidently Christmas falls in Maypril. Well, that and the fact the business knows nothing about the law. Hey business, if you really want to sue, myself and the notified Canadian authorities will be more than happy to welcome you to this beautiful country with open arms. Come on over and use whichever alias you choose that particular day. For those interested, and I know you are not, I spent Christmas in Cuba. It was quite lovely thank you.

Then, and this is so rich, the business published that I was partly responsible for killing a dog and referred to my little blog as Enquirer-like trash that posts falsehoods simply to garner attention. Of course accusing one of murder doesn't fall into that category for the business. No need to respond to the instance to which they refer. Here it is. I wouldn't know who to respond to as Viktor Larkhill doesn't write his own blog, the one used as an outlet of hatred. If anyone at the business has the balls or lady bits to come out from behind the curtain and tell others who really writes Let's Adopt Global's articles it would be greatly appreciated. While I already know, unlike Viktor Larkhill I wouldn't get any demented pleasure out of attacking that individual personally, though I'm sure those who have had hate articles published about them would find some solace in knowing who the coward writing about them really is. Anyhoo back to me the dog murderer....

Here's the irony.

While Let's Adopt Global felt the need to label me a dog killer, the business pounced on the opportunity to capitalize on a poor dog named Tidus, a dog who suffered brutal torture before reaching "Let's Adopt Global" and even worse torture once in their "care". Tidus had been horribly burned by thugs and in my opinion, shared by hundreds of others, needed to be euthanized.

Let's Adopt Global adhered to its strict "no euthanasia" policy, no thanks in small part to the overwhelming attention the story got. Oh, and the near $50 000 in donations that followed didn't hurt. As everyday more people begged poor Tidus be put out of his immeasurable suffering, Let's Adopt Global did what it does best. It banned anyone who expressed this from its Facebook page. Anyone who questioned keeping Tidus alive day after agonizing day while painfully peeling layer upon layer of skin from his failing body? They too were banned so as to not put a dent in donations. The business even removed a post by Tidus' own mommy expressing her desire to have him released from his excruciating pain.

The more donations came in, the more the donation goal on the business' ChipIn page was "reset" to achieve a higher amount....because $10 000, $20 000, $30 000, $40 000 just wasn't going to cut it. As more demanded to see receipts as to where the money went (many asked to donate directly to the veterinarian but were quickly banned) Viktor Larkhill finally stated he would share the receipts. He posted one for $1600. Do the math. Viktor Larkhill maintained that in keeping Tidus alive, the dog could serve to usher in a new enlightened age of scientific advancement in the hopes of saving future animals. In the meantime Tidus screamed out in pain. For some 30 days. It was sad that on the exact cutoff date to accept donations Tidus died, though not before one full month of agonizing pain and suffering. What a wonderful last month for this poor soul. Now remember, I'm the one they contend killed a dog.

A $50 000 piece of flesh....roughly $1000 per pound
After my previous article the business wasted no time in shuffling its blog around to hide all attack articles previously written threatening detractors and publishing pictures of their children. Don't believe me? Go check out the business' blog. The articles used to be plastered all over the main page but are now hidden so nobody can see just how vile they, and the cowardly ghost who writes them truly are.

Since Tidus' death the business is in full panic mode. People are being banned from the Facebook page left, right, & centre. Let's Adopt Global has been changing its Facebook group from a charity, to a community, to a business. On its ChipIn donation pages the business no longer displays the feature revealing to donors how much has been and needs to be collected. What's that flapping sound you're hearing in your head? Never mind, it's just a giant red flag. The business no longer links to a Wikipedia page as it's official website..........sorry I had to sit back and reflect on that one.

Each post-Tidus cause is now more desperate, as the more horrible the case the more donations will hopefully flow. This week they attempted to amass thousands for a cat stricken with cancer to such a degree the poor thing was missing chunks of his face. When people asked why the cat was not put out of his misery? Banned. When people asked why they were raising money when they could have simply used funds left over from Tidus' donations? They were banned, but not before being called idiots for not knowing that a business needs a "cushion" to operate. That's odd, never before has the business made reference to needing a cushion of funds. Oh well. By the way the cat died. In pain.

Must operate while thousands come in.....ready Igor?

Don't worry though, the next case will be even more gross, more heartbreaking, and pleas for donations WILL BE MADE USING ALL CAPS, BECAUSE WHEN PEOPLE SEE CAPS IT MEANS THAT SOMETHING IS REALLY IMPORTANT, and rest assured the business will insult legitimate rescues worldwide (they are global after all) by reminding everyone that no one else ever takes on such cases. That's what makes them special and one of a kind. THAT AND THEIR FREQUENT USE OF CAPS. Their desperation has actually become quite awkward.

So after a few months of labeling me a dog killer and the business further torturing a poor burned dog to death, where do I stand now? If there are suspicions as to the proper care of an animal I'll share my feelings, as I have done from the beginning. The business will tell detractors to visit their blog or Facebook page because evidence is right before their very eyes. Odd, I see videos and pictures of animals staged in the most heart wrenching of ways to maximize donations. I see animals being tortured for profit. I see Frankenstein cats. I see an individual who needs and craves attention and money, who professes to be a volunteer but has no other reported income. I see a picture of an entirely innocent little girl, one dragged into the cruel word of Let's Adopt Global because someone thinks it is funny. I see master manipulation, the only possible compliment I could offer the business. I see blog post after blog post personally attacking others and their families. I don't see a charitable tax number. I don't see an annual report. I don't see a phone number. You'd think the "greatest thing to happen to rescue" would at least have two tin cans and a rope. What do you see?

When it comes to the personal attacks against me and others let me make myself perfectly clear :

Each and every time one from the business Let's Adopt Global sees fit to publish my private pictures, call me fat, insult me due to my sexuality, attempt any other personal attacks through any form of social media, or allow such attacks to remain on the business' page, I will simply publish another article detailing specific issues of past volunteers of the business speaking out on missing funds, Viktor's hoarding, and animal abuse. There are plenty who have shared privately and now, after witnessing the sheer agony Tidus endured for one whole month, are more than willing to share publicly. I have other important issues on which to write but I'll have no problem defending myself, and more importantly others, against such attempts of bullying. You see....

I've said it before, I'm an adult and can handle anything you send my way, but make no mistake. In publicly attacking people for either their weight, sexuality, or any other physical or personal trait you think is funny, you are what is wrong with society, and you are why thousands of young boys and girls kill themselves every year. I will respond not on behalf of myself, rather on behalf of every single man, woman, and child that you have spent years insulting and threatening.

Feel free to continue to lead your sheep to The Toronto Pet Daily as every time you do another individual is educated on your methods of sexual harassment, vile threats, missing funds, and bullying tactics. Every time you send another to me another donation goes away. Tell us all how you have 60 000 strong on Facebook. In fact send them all this way, I'll be more than happy to educate them.

Pick your battles business...and remember you are the one trying to solicit donations. Over $100 000* (PROVE me wrong) you got last year Viktor, over $65 000 in December alone? I'm sure after taxes and personal expenses there was enough to help a few animals. Was it all reported to the Massachusetts government where you are registered? What's the matter? You couldn't register in Turkey....your very home base of operations? Not bad. Not bad at all. It took you a few years but you have seemingly perfected your craft, deciding to presently focus on animals that are going to die anyway, so why not keep them alive an extra week or so and get some pocket money? Is it greed? Is it a God complex? Is is maniacal? Is it all three? I don't know and I don't think I ever will. I'll also never understand the head of a self-described charity attempting to defend himself by posting pictures of his detractors' children online. It is beyond one's sane comprehension.

Looking forward to the next quest for donations, soon enough you'll have no choice but to resort to posting a dog's torso with requests to scientifically reattach a head. Maybe then donations will dry up, though not entirely because some crazies out there apparently still love sending money to a business that conducts operations overseas, registers in the United States, fails to be transparent with funds, and uses its social media to attack detractors and children.

The latest....not quite a head but getting there...

Now go do your homework but remember the business closely keeps records on anyone who questions them on their page, and then they try to crush you. Using their own words, they try to "make you famous", and will not stop. Why just today I was referred to as "Tub' O' Lard Macey" and they told one woman who questioned them, in quite a polite fashion I may add, that maybe if she paid more attention to what was going on she would be prettier. No, I don't know what that means. You will get hate mail. People will promise to sue you or pay you a visit. Your personal pictures may end up online. They will write to your place of employment. Sometimes they will do so as though a cat is writing the letter. Yes I'm serious. They once wrote as a cat to a warden of a prison. As. A. Cat. No I don't know what that means either. Just do what the rest of us do and keep copies of every word said about you or written to you or your children and forward it on to the proper authorities. They take such things quite seriously from what I've been told.

As usual if you feel the need to extol the virtues of the business do so on its social media outlets. I stopped posting such comments when they progressed from opinions to profanity laced insults and threats. I don't have the time for that anymore.  For the past three months or so I only periodically checked in on the business. Heck I don't even administer, as they somehow believe, any of the anti-business pages on Facebook. Those pages are managed by an ever growing number of folks with legitimate concerns, seeing as they need an outlet to voice their opinions without being told to "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

The business' decision to attempt to bully me is unfortunate. The business' decision to hide donations from the public is more than suspect. The business' decision to threaten individuals by stating "I'll see you soon" is unlawful. The business' decision to bully minor children by posting their pictures online? While also against the law it is unforgivable. The business would be considered a joke if its actions were not so harmful to you, your animals, and your children.



*The business has taken to labeling me this Spanish translation of "little fat girl", killing two birds (it appears they've moved on from just cats and dogs) with one stone insulting both my weight and sexuality. A classy business decision by any standards.


Today one business board member has replied to this article and his response was forwarded to me :

"Yeah, like that's legitimate writing. Right. Tell him THIS gay man sees through his false victim routine. In fact, my community hates people like him that throw out false injustice due to your sexual orientation when it's never even mentioned. When it's not even under attack. It demeans the real victims and the real injustice. It demeans people who have actually been bashed or fired from a job. He hides his pathetic immoral actions carried out on his shit of a blog from criticism behind his "victim" status. No one gives a shit about his orientation, or his weight. All we care about is the unbelievable lying asshole this man is. Last I checked "lying asshole" was not a protected status."

I apologize. I had no idea that in referring to me as "Gordita" (you know...."fat little girl") the business was trying to be affectionate. No one gives a shit about his orientation, or his weight. I didn't realize "Tub O' Lard" was also said with affection. No one gives a shit about his orientation, or his weight. I did not realize publishing pictures of minor children was done with affection. No, business, in using such language and keeping such statements on your pages, you are the ones demeaning.

Today I was forwarded to a website publishing an internal message between the business' powers that be. The issue involved a dog biting a mentally handicapped woman. The head of the business tells the others he is sick of dealing with "retards". I ask the business, in speaking out for that woman am I still hiding behind some "victim" status? Am I demeaning every mentally challenged individual? You obviously do not know the meaning of the word "victim".

If your community "hates" people who are bullied online, called fat, "retard", or any term you deem "clever" to attack their sexuality, perhaps it is time to find a new community. One filled with less hate. In the meantime perhaps it would be time to read where Let's Adopt Global board member Raciel Fernandez calls one young man a "stupid child". What a wonderful community indeed.


February 1 : Sorry to not update for the past week. The past days have now seen the business frantically attempting to delete their own webpages and block multiple countries from their Facebook pages. Unfortunately that will not work. The business' founder has taken the time to try and start a truly disgusting rumour . Yes, people still donate to this guy's personal online bank account.

Here are even more of Let's Adopt Global's vile posts, threats, and lies.

You can also keep up with all of the business' discrepancies on this Facebook page. You may see posts by Viktor Larkhill or you may see posts by Ivan Jimenez. Keep in mind the two are one in the same, the business founder likes to use fake accounts to try and cover his tracks. He fled Turkey quite quickly a few months ago, and is now believed to be in Spain. Sadly for animals and real animal welfare advocates, every time he runs he remembers to pack his computer. How does this guy afford to keep moving around so much? Must be nice.....

*Previously reported at $300 000. Sorry folks, typo. I also apologize to the state of Massachusetts, who will not be receiving as much in taxes.

March 1 Update :

I always look forward to coming back from vacation to catch up on this situation and last week proved just as shocking.

While I was away Let's Adopt Global had no problem keeping donations coming in for two dogs that were actually deceased. That's charity folks!

In another case that is developing as I write this, there has been a firestorm of criticism toward the group for its intervention into one particular case in Spain. A couple of weeks ago a prominent Spanish animal rescuer named Cristina took a severely injured dog to her local clinic. Upon hearing of the case Viktor/Ivan/Matt pounced on the opportunity to solicit donations, informing people that the surgery would cost upwards of $8000. The problem was when Cristina spoke to the veterinarian she was informed that the actual cost would be less than $2000. When Christina confronted the group, she was then banned from seeing the dog Bianca. As usual, the group then took to various Facebook pages to attempt to destroy her, with accusations ranging from her being a drunk to just plain crazy. Is Let's Adopt Global a registered organization in Spain? Of course not.

Unfortunately for the group they did not count on the animal rescue community in Spain immediately rallying behind Cristina, a woman who has been rescuing for years, with nary a criticism toward her good deeds. They also did not count on Cristina involving the authorities and legal representation. As it currently stands Let's Adopt Global has backed off Bianca's care, and has stated that they are letting their lawyer deal with the issue. This will be fascinating to watch as the situation evolves.


Christina's statement on the situation (original Spanish article) :

Cristina is a woman who has dedicated her life to helping animals, she has spent years working with different shelters of Madrid and doesn’t doubt for a second to attend any distress call.

Recently a rescue she made came on the media and especially on social networks. There was a notice that an AmStaff puppy was completely covered in blood with severe symptoms of starvation, abandoned to his fate in a cardboard box placed in a cold and lonely wasteland in Legan├ęs. Cristina did not think twice.

After the first moments of bewilderment, racing, nerves and tension, the veterinary service that attends Bianka –name they decide to give her- diagnoses that she has a shattered jaw, probably because she has been used as sparring in shameful dogfighting.

Cristina does not give up and decides to launch a fundraising campaign to finance the costly treatment. This is when serious differences with Let's Adopt! appear. This NGO recently established in our country is dedicated exclusively to pet rescue and in the first instance would be responsible for overseeing Bianka’s operations.

All this controversy has stirred the social networks to the point that Let's Adopt! was interviewed by a popular animal program at the national broadcasting after a storm of criticism questioning its management.

From this humble blog we wanted to give voice to the other side of the story, the part that for whatever reason has not been taken into account by the mainstream media. For this we got on the phone with Cristina, whom we want to thank for so kindly attending us.

On February 8 when you get the notice. How was Biankas rescue?

I receive a call from a lady who tells me that there is a dog dripping blood in a cardboard box, and that I please take care of it. This lady has my phone because I did another rescue in that area, and I left her my number in case another dog was left in the place of the one we rescued. When I arrived and saw her, I almost died. She had a thread of life, was broken and full of dried blood. Her jaw was completely shattered everywhere.

It must have been a bleak picture. What are your first steps with her?

The first thing was to take her and run to my vet so he could have a look at her. He made several X-rays and told me that to see with more accuracy the extent of her injuries, we had to take her to another clinic to make a TAC. As I don’t know which clinics have TACs I consult my vet, and he says he knows of 2, but the most economical is the Delicias clinic and there we bring her. Here we pay 75 euros.


From there you realize it was going to be a complicated process and ask for help. Did you know Let's Adopt!, How did you get in contact with them?

No, I did not know them, not even heard from them. Other people passed them the case, given the publicity that was made about Bianka. A friend of mine asked for help from her veterinarian to tell this organization to please help Bianka, so they contact them and they show interest in the case.

First contact with Let's Adopt! What was your impression?

Horrible. Ivan came and the only thing he did was telling his “war stories”, scorning the people who donated little money, I did not like when I spoke with him two minutes. When he saw Bianka, he didn’t even caress her at any time, nor came close to her. His obsession was to take pictures and more pictures, videos in two languages and little else. I did not see him affected at any time by her state, he was cold, and of course, I did not like it. The first impression was horrible, to tell you the truth.

Bianka enters the clinic and begins her treatment supervised by Let's Adopt!, What made you finally reject his support?

First his reaction with Bianka, the fact that he didn’t even look at her, but then, the day they operated Bianka and I called to see how things were going they said they would not give me information. I called this Mr. Ivan Jimenez and he started telling me that under no circumstances should I say the date of Bianka’s operation, because then they would lose Bianka’s donations, which were only 200 euros so far. And of course the photos would be published only if he thought it opportune. He also told me that he would not publish the bills, because nobody needs to see them, and Greenpeace doesn’t show bills or give explanations, so he doesn’t need to either. He said Bianka’s operation would be 8,000 euros and when I asked the orthopaedist, he told me that not even in dreams it would cost that much. He didn’t know from where this man had gotten that amount. All I saw was that he wanted me to lie in everything and he thought that he could use me as his puppet, and he was completely mistaken.

Irregularities began to show. What problems arose from that rejection?

They forbade me to see Bianka, they did not give me information about her health, I was told that this man would have the photos and that he would pass them to me, to which I refused and of course I went to the clinic because I could not believe what was happening. I tried to get Bianka microchiped and they said no, that the dog had no owner and that they were unwilling to do it. It was a very big helplessness knowing that she was my dog, everyone including the veterinary school would tell me I was right, even Ivan’s attorney confirmed it by phone, but the clinic refused.

Apparently the clinic took a side, do you think they acted right?

No, with me certainly not, because I had signed a document when Bianka entered the clinic. By law if I took her there when she was hurt, the dog was mine, but they did not want to reason, they did not attend to our logical reasoning. As for their professionalism with Bianka I am happy because they have done a great job rebuilding her shattered jaw. The people who care for Bianka love her, and they take care of her wonderfully.

Big media have echoed the case. What do you think of the interview with Let's Adopt! on national media?

Of course the interview published by Mascoteros does not show the truth in any moment. They never got in touch with me to get the other version and that interview is not sincere, is a pack of lies.

And what I believe many people want to know, how is Bianka?

Bianka is getting better every day, she is lively, cheerful and playful. We do not know if she will need another operation and her prognosis is still reserved, but the little one is a survivor and I think she will get a decent life and be very happy.

Want to add something?

I want to thank everyone for their support, their love, their trust in me, their solidarity toward this little one so she does not miss anything. It's amazing how people have poured in from around the world. To them goes my gratitude and my love!

Apparently this will not end with Biankas recovery. Cristina and the Justicia Animal Collective, with the generous assistance of counsel Jose Manuel, will take the case to court for the alleged irregularities. The differences they had with the NGO will be resolved in court.


Meanwhile just about everywhere else, individuals have contacted the IRS as well as their respective local governing bodies as pertains to the group's status. These organizations have been informed that Let's Adopt Global has for years solicited funds under the guise of a charity, while never actually registering to become one. The result? Let's Adopt Global is now stating they will refund any donations made to them if requested, and the group has continued to block entire nations from its various Facebook pages.

Really it was only a matter of time before the lack of transparency and abhorrent behaviour caught up with this rogue fraud. Legitimate rescues are on to them and they are angry that their collective good name is being compromised by Let's Adopt Global's actions. The group's reply? Those rescues are jealous of their success. Donors are becoming more aware every day as they have been warned that should they wish to claim their donations or tax purposes, they too will face heavy scrutiny through no fault of their own.

I look forward to updating you all after the court case involving Cristina and Let's Adopt Global. According to Raciel Fernandez, the treasurer of the group, Let's Adopt Global is in the midst of launching multiple lawsuits across the globe, including one against yours truly, a local Ontario humane society, and at least 10 other individuals. Here's hoping the funds providing for these lawsuits are not coming out of donors' pockets.

As always you can join the Facebook page for frequent updates on the situation.

In addition, if you feel you have been scammed out of your hard earned money by any organization, you may report the instance to the IRS.

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