Thursday, January 10, 2013

Once The OSPCA Has Hold Of You It Refuses To Let Go

Just look at the abuse! This must be
death's door the dogs are nearing, according
to the OSPCA
This is the story of yet another OSPCA vendetta and as is often the case within the organization, it is based more on ego than any actual concern for the safety of animals.

On November 22, 2012 an anonymous complaint led OSPCA investigator Renee Baker to the door of Tina and Glen Chum of Kingston, Ontario. Baker examined all of the couple's pets and according to Tina Chum, stated the dogs seemed fine but were in need of receiving flea prevention. An order was written requiring this be done. The Chums made an appointment for December 3 and Tina called Baker to notify her that the dogs would be home after their appointment at 3:00 in the afternoon.

For some reason Baker arrived, accompanied by police officers, to the Chum residence at 12:20 pm. At this point Ms. Baker seized six puppies, their mother and father, and one more family dog from the Chum residence. The Chums are not breeders rather they experienced an unexpected litter. According to Tina, Baker informed her if they simply surrendered all the dogs they would not have to pay any fees. Tina Chum replied that she would not surrender her beloved pets to which Baker replied, "well then you better have a lot of money.....I'm sure you don't living in these places." Tina Chum also contends Renee Baker used extreme force to put some of the puppies and three adult dogs into the OSPCA truck.

What is very interesting about this case is that Renee Baker DID NOT seize the Chum's cat or two ferrets. Wait a minute. Wasn't Baker acting on behalf of the animals? Surely cats and ferrets can get fleas, why not remove them from such unsanitary conditions? The reason is simple. You see the OSPCA will only seize those animals that can provide them with maximum resale or boarding fees value. Tina Chum discovered this when informed that she could get her family pets back for over $4000.

The Chums are fighters. They took the case to the animal care review board. After examining the facts the board clearly sided with the Chums :

"Appellant’s female dog, together with her six puppies, are to be returned to Appellant upon payment to the OSPCA of $102.04" - I can only assume Baker was not pleased upon being informed that she had clearly overstepped her authority.

"Appellan ’s (sic) two male dogs are to be returned to her upon payment of $1,094.82" - Mostly Baker's time and mileage

This week the Chums went and took back their beloved pets, and were even financially assisted by an anonymous donor who I assume has seen enough OSPCA abuses of power. First they picked up the mother and the puppies, and posted pictures to Facebook showing the happy reunion and the dogs being spoiled rotten with love and treats. At last a happy ending for one who takes on the OSPCA.  All's well that ends well, right?


When the Chums went back to pay for and retrieve the two males, Baker just couldn't resist laying one more charge on the couple for animal abuse. ARE YOU KIDDING ME OSPCA? Your agent illegally seized animals. She is continuing to harass this couple. The review board decided against her, so Renee Baker feels it's time to sate her own ego, and it appears she will never back down. Renee Baker please let us know what will it take for you to leave this poor couple alone?

As this behaviour continues, you are not only making yourself look vindictive, you are placing further scrutiny on the organization employing you. Believe me that is the last thing the OSPCA needs right now. Perhaps Ms Baker you could take the time to explain why you, or another agent just like you, sat on your ass while Rita Mueller continued to broker animals a whole six months after she hanged a dog in a Toronto shelter? Keep up the good work OSPCA, and while you're at it try to figure out why your donations are in the crapper.

Update January 10

I have just again spoken with Tina. One of her dogs has come back from the OSPCA having lost much weight. Another now has kennel cough, and the third has an ear infection. Hmmmm....charges of abuse? With regard to the dog with the ear infection Tina has been informed by Renee Baker that she has until 7:00 this evening to go to the veterinarian of the OSPCA'S CHOOSING and fork out $100 for medication. If Tina does not comply she will be further charged with more abuse.

The OSPCA say Chum's six 5 1/2 week puppies were treated with flea medication but will not reveal what medication they used.

Update January 11

I just came across the following update posted by Tina on Facebook. Read for yourself and determine if the Chums are the type of people that the OSPCA should be targeting :

"I am the owner of these babies. To let everyone know I was arrested for obstruction due to this shit..... I go to court on thurs yuck! You know my babies are so worth everything to me no matter how much money I would have gotten it one way or another they are our babies. Chevy and the puppies are doing great running around and having fun ( I'm following with the broom and mop LOL) they are paper trained but we all know they still have accidents which is fine with us! I was told by Rene Baker The one who took them that Chevy the mom ended up with kennel cough but that seems strange considering she had her shot for that. YES we will be having another Christmas at our home just for the babies and they can open their presents! Thank you to everyone! Especially the sweet amazing angel who helped us get them home!!!