Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Was Rita Mueller, Alleged Killer Of Henry The Sharpei, Able To Evade Authorities For Six Months?

Rita Mueller
The answer to this question lies in the fundamental fact that animal welfare within the province of Ontario is in shambles. Last August Rita Mueller allegedly strangled a dog to death at Toronto Animal Services. If you are of the opinion that our animal welfare system is in no need of reform, ask yourself these questions :

- Why was Rita Mueller not arrested ON THE SPOT the day the alleged incident took place?

- Why did it take SIX MONTHS for the OSPCA and police to work together on the investigation?

- After being found guilty on multiple accounts of animal cruelty in October, why has Rita Mueller been able to spend the last two plus months continuing to house and broker animals? Just yesterday Ms. Mueller had at least 11 Pit Bull puppies in her possession, no doubt hoping to turn a quick profit. Some of these puppies were seized by authorities while some found their way into foster care through concerned citizens. It is unknown what will become of the seized pups, but since this is Ontario I think it's fair to say they will be destroyed.

What was Rita's defense with regard to Henry? She stated he had a ruptured aneurysm while in the room with her at Toronto Animal Services and publicly offered this statement :

"Henry did go very fast. He looked at peace and happy, the stress in his face was gone. I know Henry is happy where he is, pain free."

A disgusting statement issued by a psychopath. Can anyone imagine anything but pure fear in that dog's eyes as he gasped his last breaths? Did Rita Mueller watch him die or simply look away?

If the OSPCA, police, courts and provincial government wish to demonstrate that they take issues of animal abuse as seriously as they profess, there is but one further step to take. SENTENCE RITA MUELLER TO THE MAXIMUM as permitted by law. Anything else is unacceptable. I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment.

I will update this situation as more information becomes available.

Update January 8

Ms. Mueller appeared in court today after spending the past days in custody. After firing her counsel her hearing was adjourned until tomorrow. I will update tomorrow afternoon when more details become available, and when bail is determined.

Update January 9

Today Ms. Mueller was ordered held from anywhere between 12 to 36 months until the completion of the trial of Henry's death, of which she has been formally charged. Believe it or not her being held had nothing to do with the Henry case or past animal cruelty charges, rather the judge cited her for repeatedly failing to comply with court orders over the last seven years. The exact court orders were not revealed. So here is where things stand as of today :

- Rita Mueller will be incarcerated for some time. She is currently under protective custody.
- In February she will be sentenced on past charges of animal abuse, charged laid before Henry's death.
- While incarcerated she will have to go to trial to answer the charges in Henry's death.

We can only hope that the multiple sentences she receives added to the wait time for the trial of Henry's death will continue to keep this sick woman where she belongs.

Update Febuary12, 2012

Today Rita Mueller was sentenced to one year in jail for permitting and causing distress to 29 mixed breed dogs. She has also received a lifetime ban from owning or caring for any animals, and must pay $16537.03 in restitution to the OSPCA. Her son Michael received a fine of $2500.

***This sentencing does not take into account the charges with regard to Henry the Sharpei, which will be determined at a later date.

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