Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....The "Are you Vegan?" Argument

Ever feel as though when you try to get into a reasonable debate with other animal lovers there's often one self righteous condescending tree hugger that attempts to shatter any opinion you have with the far too common preface, "Are you vegan?" I get it. If you are a vegan it automatically means that you have far more compassion in you heart for all living creatures and conversely all who are not are maniacal sociopaths who have no right to offer their position. Apparently it also means your own self righteousness places you in the unenviable position of never again actually having to ever ponder another's opinion.

I'm friends with the odd vegan and we've had "fruitful" discussions about animal rights and animal welfare and never have they responded to any argument with statements like, "You don't know what your talking about because you're not a vegan" or, "It is a scientific fact I know more than you as a result of my propensity to love ALL variations of carrot." I myself am no vegan, but guess what? I respect all of you who are and have admiration for most of you. You have made a lifestyle choice, many out of the concern for the treatment of animals, and that is to be commended. Do not think though that the decision you have made automatically warrants you the right to besmirch any carnivores, nor to immediately write off any of their meaningful ideas for bettering animal welfare.

Let's equate this attitude to the issue of child abuse. Across the globe there are anti-child abuse activists fighting day in and day out on behalf of abused and neglected children. They are fighting for better preventative measures and harsher punishments for convicted abusers. Can you imagine how less effective these organizations would be if in order to have an opinion be taken seriously the individual voicing it must either be a victim or the parent of a victim? "You may have some incredibly helpful points, but I simply can't listen to you as since you do not have children, you clearly do not care about this issue as much as I do." Think about how ridiculous that sounds and how little progress would be made if that attitude were more common. Thank goodness that is not the case.

Maybe as a vegan you are correct that you do have a deeper appreciation and care for all living creatures and the rest of us working toward bettering animal welfare are just hypocrites, but I am not one to judge that, just as you should not be one to judge another for their choices or dismiss their positions. I'm not talking ALL vegans here, just the ones who sit upon their mountains all the while looking down on all those who work toward the same goals, albeit with different appetites.

Sound off in the comments section. I'm off to spend the rest of the day preparing some of my wicked beef stroganoff for dinner and trying to sell some more charitable calendars for animal rescue.