Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Texie Torok from Storm's Animal Allies Accusing Me Of Killing A Dog

RIP Enzo....

Over the past weeks I have written two articles on Enzo and his foster situation. Here is the first and here is the second. Much has been focused on Texie Torok, a woman who runs "Storm's Animal Allies". Texie has found herself in hot water before with regard to the way she conducts her "rescue". For your convenience all posts from the past are now labelled under the Texie Torok section on this blog. They mostly detail her fraudulent raising of funds and her assisting a woman with an outstanding warrant for animal abuse and torture in the United States. I'll leave it up to the readers to peruse the articles and make up their own minds as it stands with Texie Torok, as I will also leave it up to you to make up your minds as pertains to Enzo :

Enzo had been in foster care with Alexandra Stuart for two months, starting after Alexandra saw a desperate plea for a foster on Facebook. The plea came from Texie Torok, who had NEVER MET Enzo. She had no idea as to the dog's health or disposition, yet she had no problem handing him over to Alexandra. There were promises from Texie that food would be provided and Enzo would see a veterinarian. Neither of these things happened in TWO MONTHS. I ask any of you, is this how a rescue operates?

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Alexandra had put over 40 pounds on Enzo's frail frame, and he was well socialized with her dogs. Yet he had still not seen a veterinarian. What initiative did Texie Torok take to remedy the situation? NONE.  I took it upon myself to get Enzo to the veterinarian as clearly Texie Torok either had no funds or didn't care, while Helping Homeless Pets stepped up to have Enzo assessed (there was concern about whether he could be adopted) Enzo had his first vet appointment that showed the need for more tests. With this in mind I began soliciting donations to be made directly to the vet (past experience has shown Texie can not be trusted when it comes to soliciting donations). A few donations came in, and I always made it clear that I would personally offset any remaining balance on Enzo's account at the vet. All seemed ok until.....

This past weekend when Enzo attacked and injured a smaller dog. Texie was informed of this and immediately out of concern that Enzo was in a volatile foster home went there right away to remove him. Actually scratch that. SHE DID NOTHING. In fact Texie has maintained for quite some time that she is Enzo's legal owner and Alexandra is a money grubbing crackhead. Surely THIS concerned Texie so much that she got Enzo out of the situation he was in? Nope, TEXIE DID NOTHING. Is this rescue?

After the attack there was serious talk as to what should happen with Enzo. Three possible solutions were discussed :

Alexandra finds Enzo a home
Texie finds Enzo a home
Euthanasia be discussed

It was discussed that for Enzo to be placed in a new home potential adopters HAD TO BE made aware of his need for $1000 in veterinary care as well as his bite history (this past weekend was not his first "attack"). While all of this discussion was occurring Texie was asked for the umpteenth time to COME GET ENZO. Texie Torok will state again and again that Alexandra ignored her request to come get Enzo. I will state again and again that Texie Torok is all talk. What would YOU do if you thought your dog was being fostered by a lunatic for two months, and that there was a chance he might have to be put down due to aggression? I bet you would drive, walk, cab, bike, or use any other disposable means of transportation to get your dog right? Texie Torok sat on her ass. Is this rescue?

Yesterday Alexandra made the decision to take Enzo to the vet to be euthanized. She was concerned he would attack again and it would be HER who would have to face the consequences, not Texie Torok....you know....the woman who had NEVER EVEN MET Enzo or come to reclaim him. In fact I talked to Alexandra and suggested she try to give Texie one more chance to reclaim Enzo. I later received a message from Alexandra that she had made up her mind and could not wait another two months. When I received this message I called Alexandra back but did not hear from her until she called to inform me that Enzo had been euthanized.

I too wish this had gone another way. I also wish Texie Torok hadn't taken to her Facebook page claiming that I am responsible for Enzo's death. Let's recap what we all did in this situation :

- Alexandra fostered Enzo for two months. Alexandra nursed him back to health. Eventually Alexandra had Enzo euthanized.
- Helping Homeless pets had Enzo assessed to determine if he could be adopted
- I lined up veterinary care and began getting donations.
- TEXIE TOROK DID NOTHING besides pawn a dog off and refuse to get him the medical care he so desperately needed. And now? Texie Torok is deflecting the blame to anyone else who will listen.

So all parties who actually ACTED on Enzo's behalf are now being admonished by the ONE individual who did NOTHING. Is this rescue?

Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have. By my account this is far from over, and will not be the last time I write about Texie Torok. After all, she did accuse me of killing a dog.

UPDATE November 21

For everyone so eager to believe Texie Torok, let's take a look at the fact that for two months she has steadfastly maintained that Enzo was HER dog. She has stated this in an email to myself, to Toronto Animal Services, to the police, to anyone on Facebook that would listen. Why then yesterday, did she post this on Facebook :

"Storm's Animal Allies Lisa you are right....this is true...I am waiting for a call form (sic) the owner of this dog..."

Wait a minute?  Is Texie calling herself? Her whole stance has been that no one had any right to deal with Enzo as he was HERS. Another lie told by Texie Torok. I encourage all those Texie cronies who have been accusing me of lying or fabricating my articles to really use your noodles and think hard to see how you can spin this one. BTW Texie removed the post within five minutes....and yes I have the emails and the screenshots, along with another post she removed quickly yesterday. In that post, someone publicly asked Texie what exactly SHE had done for Enzo. Easier to delete than answer.

Meanwhile to pathetically attempt to continually deflect from her liability, Texie continues to tell everyone there is an "investigation" ongoing. I wonder Texie, did you offer the investigators the opportunity to read those posts? Because I have them if they are needed....

Here is an early exchange. Alexandra (Enzo's foster) informs Texie Torok of the cost of Enzo's food and informs Texie to find another foster with "deeper pockets" NOTE Alexandra ASKS FOR NO MONEY.....JUST FOOD.

A week later after being bashed and ignored by Texie, Alexandra clearly asks that the dog be removed or that Texie provide FOOD. Again, NOT MONEY. Texie attempts to have the post removed. To those who have been conned by Texie Torok, it is clearly a shame.