Monday, November 12, 2012

Please Donate To Help Enzo Get The Veterinary Care He Needs

Two weeks ago I wrote about Alexandra Stewart, who has been fostering Enzo for 8 weeks now. Enzo has packed on some pounds and is getting better socialized every day. Truth be told, he's turned out to be a very sweet older guy. On Saturday Enzo was finally able to get in to see a veterinarian (and few treat-filled bus rides!), something that was badly needed. After the initial consultation it turns out that Enzo is going to need some further tests and care. These tests come to just under $1000, and are detailed :

-Bloodwork, fecal work (tests for parasites, giardia)
-Cytology (he's got a couple lumps)
-Senior welfare panel
-X rays (he could possible have knee dysplasia, hence the limping and inability to tackle large fights of stairs)
-Ear cleansing & medicated bath

People who have been following this story have expressed a desire to donate to help Enzo. If you wish to do so I will direct you to directly contact Enzo's veterinarian. This way you as a donor can know that your funds are going directly to get Enzo the work he needs, with no middle man. It would be appreciated that if you do wish to donate to the veterinarian, please do so with a minimum donation of $25.00, as this will definitely save the vet staff time in processing the donations. Simply inform the clinic you are donating for Enzo. If you would like to donate a smaller amount, feel free to email me at, and as the smaller amounts grow, I'll forward them to the veterinarian as a larger sum. Remember, regardless if the donations amount to the $1000 needed, Enzo will get the above treatment, as any outstanding amount due will be donated by The Toronto Pet Daily.

This serves as a great reminder to potential adopters and fosters to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You would not be so happy if you opened your heart to help a furry friend only to then find out they need a thousand dollars in veterinary care, would you? Nothing makes me happier than knowing this sweet boy will be further on the road to recovery very soon, increasing his odds of being placed in a permanent home filled with love. I'll update again within a week, and thank you all so very much for considering donating to improve Enzo's life.

To donate call :

Bayview Village Veterinary Clinic
 ***Be sure to tell them to put this on Enzo's account


  1. Is Helping Homeless Pets no longer involved in Enzo's care? I only ask because there was no mention in this post and I was under the impression they were looking after medical but not food. Project Maddie is going to provide some food for Enzo directly to his foster Mom.

  2. Kim that is fantastic! For some reason your post about HHP isn't showing up, but to answer you question yes HHP is still helping out with Enzo with regard to the vet. In addition they were able to get him assessed. I'm in regular contact with them & we both agreed it's best for people to donate directly to the vet so donators know that their funds are being put to use right away (well, within a couple days). I don't know about the food situation, but Enzo's foster mom Alex's email is Great news & a huge thank you to Project Maddie!

  3. So it was just announced that Enzo was put down today. No one has figured out what is going on but this story has a sad ending.

  4. Sorry but I don't think the euthanization by a vet has been confirmed yet. It was claimed and supposedly Alexandra showed the police a vet bill but it is not sure if it mentioned euthanization. It is still being investigated.

  5. That bitch is nothing but a scam...She claims she needs $400 to $500 a month to feed him... She scams the money and keeps it for herself...she has threatened tonite that she has had him euthanized... She is by "Police" words not all there...Why was she givin Foster rights in the first place... ????