Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Let's Adopt Global" And "Viktor Larkhill" Won't Answer Questions

 Viktor Larkhill, aka Ivan Jimenez, aka Matt Murdock,
aka Victor Chacon, aka etc...
The guy doesn't even write his own blog!

Well dang I was ready to leave well enough but I simply can't do that when it comes to the ANIMALS.

Put the he said/she said aside and focus on the animals. LAG has stated I afforded them no opportunity to tell their side. They have read my blog. They have had the opportunity to respond to the following questions but remain silent. Since they refuse to do so, allow me (and please permit me to do so without the pathetic pleas of "He'll die TOMORROW" or , "PLEASE SHARE!!!") :

1. Why does Viktor continue to ban anyone who asks legitimate questions on the Let's Adopt Global Facebook page?

He does this so no new members will see there are SERIOUS DISCREPENCIES in regard to funds raised. If those who ask for updates on an animal's condition or where donations go weren't banned, "Let's Adopt Global" would go broke. Go ahead & try to ask a legitimate question on the group's Facebook page (just keep in mind they aren't a rescue rather a Facebook group that collects donations). Let's see if you get banned. Ask Viktor.

2. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish multiple ChipIn donation pages for the needs of one particular animal? One recent plea amassed $9500 USD, which converts to over $17 000 Turkish Lira. Either Shuuja the dog was treated by the world's most expensive veterinarian or is living in one fantastic doggy house. 

The group publishes many donation pages in many languages hoping that people (no matter of nationality) are too stupid to notice. So far it's been working. Ask Viktor

3. Are tax deductable receipts offered to those who donate their hard earned money to the animals?

No.  Ask Viktor

4. Why does Viktor spend so much time publishing articles on his blog that aim to degrade individuals?

Viktor does not even write his blog. PATHETIC. That's right, he employs a woman who speaks English to "ghost write" his posts. Everything you read on his blog comes from someone else.....sorry "fans". I wonder who writes the Facebook page...Ask Viktor

5. Should I be afraid to speak out against "Viktor Larkhill" and "Let's Adopt Global?

No. Unless you live in Spain near Viktor. That's right folks....the guy who you are donating to, that same guy who get's his ghost writer to tell you all he is helping animals in Turkey? He's over 1500 miles away from you. Disgusting. Ask Viktor

6. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish so few updates on rescued dogs?

Why am I still answering questions...don't you get it yet? Let's Adopt Global will update on one dog or cat and hope that sates donors. But what about the others? Ask Viktor

7. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish private information about people and invite their followers to "contact" them?

The group does so out of fear. It's a bullying tactic. If you question them in any way they will attempt to get "fans" to harass others. Pathetic. Ask Viktor

8. Where is Vania, the dog that Viktor maintains is with him in Turkey. Vania's donations came to more than $20 000.

Yup you read that correctly. Over twenty thousand dollars was raised for ONE DOG. Viktor will maintain that, only "Let's Adopt Global" takes on these cases". He's insulting EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU IN RESCUE. When was the last time you raised $20 000 for ONE DOG?  Ask Viktor

9. Can any reader name me ONE rescue that publishes peoples' personal information, that consistently bullies others, that refuses to be transparent, that uses its blog as an avenue of hatred toward others, and that threatens others so much?

No. Ask Viktor

10. Why does Viktor continue to threaten Carol Vierela, a VOLUNTEER who a few years back had the wonderful initiative of getting concerned citizens together to photograph animals on "death row" at a North Carolina shelter in the hopes that it would increase their exposure? In so doing Carol has helped to reduce the killing rate at the shelter by over 40%, and she doesn't even work there! Why label Carol as "fat" and a "donkey"? Personally I don't care what she looks like as long as she continues to save lives.

Ask Viktor

Viktor Larkhill, aka Ivan Jimenez, aka Matt Murdock, aka Victor Chacon, you have cheated people for too long, and worse, you have profited off the backs of ANIMALS.  A while back you told me I was a coward for not telling the truth....well here it is. You are a sorry excuse for a human being. As for your "fans" on Facebook? They are just as pathetic.....losers, really. Your hyperbole is running out, Coward. Your donations are running out. Coward. Actually scratch that. You, and anyone who supports you, are worse than cowardly. You are all indifferent.

Go ahead Viktor, attempt to use your dwindling readers (including the fake accounts). Here's an idea......tell them to "Make me famous" (you tried unsuccessfully). Try to use your personality to tell your "fans" to "SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! Keep at it Viktor, while the rest of us support real rescues....

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  1. Wow, thank you for speaking out! There are so many questions here, and so much hatred whenever one asks. I've seen him attack person after person who does. Can't he give a straight answer without it? No. Don't believe me? Then, go ask Viktor!

  2. Editor's note : I have removed the following statement from above :

    "URGENT URGENT YOU MUST DO THIS OR SOMETHING OR SOMEONE IS GOING TO D-I-E!! Please give NOW or this dog will surely DIE within 48 hours. Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!"

    I did so as of course there will be some crazy attempt to twist my words around as a threat. Anyone with any history with Let's Adopt Global will see that I was simply alluding to the group's constant method of dramatically tugging at people's emotions to get donations. There are many however, that do not know the methods Let's Adopt Global will go to in harassing others.....until now.

  3. A very concerned citizenNovember 20, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    If you are claiming that this guy does not write his blog you need to share the identity of the ''ghost writer'' ...Unless she is really a ghost..

  4. I was a flight volunteer for Victor when I lived in Istanbul last year. I brought a blind cat and four puppies to their new homes in the states over multiple flights back and forth from my parents home in new york to visiting my grandmothers home in Turkey. Victor does A LOT for the animals. He is one of the few people helping the animals in the street and shelters, while most people just walk by. The situation is truly deplorable over there, animals are roaming the streets diseased, and hungry and life in the shelters are even worse. Victor takes the worst of the worst cases and finds them homes. I do not understand where this harsh criticism is coming from. He lives in Turkey and spends his life caring for animals in situations I could barely stomach and I have seen it first hand. All the animals that I brought to the states now have wonderful lives with great owners that would not have been possible without Victor.

  5. | I don't know Viktor, but I know MANY credible people that do not write their own material. This is not unusual or a sign of anything negative.

  6. I knew nothing about any of this until the day he posted Tidus and his "story" and clearly the animal needed to be euthanized. Then I looked at the Chip-in and that he was from Turkey and it all became clear what was going on. It isn't rocket science. He may or may not have started out with good intentions, but something went very wrong. I believe it's called greed!

  7. His chip-in for Tidus shows over $37,000 and yet he will not tell anyone where this happened or where the dog is located so donations can be given directly. I belong to a number of animal welfare groups and would like to know more. I see many are sharing the story of Tidus and soliciting donations. I keep hearing he has run many scams. Can you be more specific? A few people have suggested he injured the dog on purpose to gain donations. Please tell me that's not true. A scammer is one thing but that would be unthinkable.

  8. This group are criminals who are injuring animals to get money from people, they keep horrendously injured animals alive to bleed more money from people and then the animal dies anyway. They refuse to provide proof of expenditure and yes if you question them then your banned from their pages. I did and I was. I will not stand by and see such cruelty go unquestioned and I hope to God and whoever may take this seriously, these guys need to be investigated, charged with their offences and put into jail. Anyone 'vounteering' or standing up for this group, is working with this group. So much money is going to them from well meaning people who are funding a criminal organisation who target the 'animal welfare' community. This is not the only group doing this.... other groups are now forming who are doing the same all over the world, HELP BULGARIA STREET DOGS AND CATS is another.


  10. He is paying to advertise Tidus, Troy and probably others to get more fans and donations on Facebook. He's exploiting these animals. While Tidus lays in his cage suffering, Viktor Scammer is spending donations to advertise for more. Absolutely disgusting!


  12. I'm not invoked with the group but I spoke to a man saying he was Victor on the phone and he seemed genuine. He was interested in having me foster here in the us.

  13. What can we do to stop him? plz give us some advice :(

  14. he experiments on animals no one cares about. He fancies himself a scientist and a Vet? where are his credentials? if he had nothing to hide he wouldn't hide behind a dozen fake names, and delete/ban any questions/people he doesn't want to answer. and if he's so legit, explain how this "Doctor" is in 2 countries at the same time"? and why did this Dog poor dog "Tidus' went from what looks like heal but still bad, to worse to dead?

  15. Far too many questions and absolutely NO answers. Please DO NOT donate your money to these people!

  16. check out this proof. They can't deny this. It's all their own words and photo's and video's.

  17. Please keep the pressure on this scamming douchebag!! I've just found out all the above written is true and others need to know this guy is under investigation and stop supporting LAG!!

  18. Over $40,000.00 collected for Tidus. The poor dog looked like he was in so much pain. He constantly deletes my posts...not that I care. I just keep putting them back up, just to annoy them. He is a true scammer. He might save some animals here and there. Something is just very wrong with his whole rescue thing.
    I think what bothers me the most is the rescues that really need help aren't as savy as him internet wise and aren't con artist. So he gets the money for the shock factors and innocent lives are lost. Everybody gets there's, he will too.

  19.  Hola no hablo ingles. Por favor ayuda , en España tenemos un caso muy grave con una perrita y la protectora y socios que llevan el caso estan pensando que Victor es estafador. El se  ofrecio hacerse cargo de las operaciones y ahora vemos que ha inflado las cuentas de la operación. Todos estamos preocupados de que todo el dinero no se use para los animales. Las asociaciones y personas que ayudan a los animales estamos preocupados porque no conocemos Lets adopt y pensamos que esta estafando y eso perjudica a las protectoras buenas que siempren enseñan las facturas. Sospechamos a raiz de que se niega ha enseñar las facturas, y al preguntar a la clinica donde se opero la perrita Bianka, esta dijo que la factura era de 1600 Euros y Victor dijo que era de 8000 Euros.
    Perdon por faltas al escribir.
    Manden información a

  20. Translation :

    "Hello I do not speak English. Please help, in Spain we have a very serious case with a dog and protective carrying case partners are thinking that Victor is scammer. He offered to take over operations and now we see that has inflated accounts of the operation. We are all concerned that all the money is not used for animals. Associations and individuals who help animals because they know we are worried and thought Lets adopt this cheating and that hurts the good protective bills that siempren teach. Following that suspect refuses bills has taught, and to ask the clinic where the dog was operated Bianka, this said the bill was 1600 Euros and Victor said he was 8000 Euros.
    Sorry for typing mistakes."

  21. Darling Viktor is now trying to claim that the Toronto Pet Daily is a scam. Why anyone would want to make a scam online pets-newspaper thingy is beyond me! Sounds like Viktor is totally losing the plot. I have seen plenty of online evidence against him.. they can't ALL be lying now, can they Viktor? I have also been thrown off his wall and seen people being abused just for asking relevant questions. Just like all the other commentators on here.

  22. That link is no longer valid. I wonder why it was taken down?

  23. Did you read any of the rest of the article?

  24. this vile person has attacked me continually and police can't do a thing because he is out side the uk

  25. He is still out there..and still doing the same crap and people are falling for his garbage..what a shame.

  26. I am going to ask him I'm pissed off as I know of rescue friends who are struggling for funds and this lying Bastard is cheating people out of much needed fund's😈

  27. Yes he is at the moment posted a pic of injured cat on facebook

  28. Guys i pretended that i want to adopt a dog and it never happened as well as 5 other people He always find an excuse