Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Foster Mom Claims To Be Left In The Cold By Local Rescue "Storm's Animal Allies"

Alexandra Stewart has saved one dog's life through fostering (CHEERS to the fosters out there!) and is now hoping someone out there will be able to provide Enzo with a permanent home filled with love. Six weeks ago Alexandra saw a post on Facebook about a dog needing care. The dog had supposedly been shuffled again and again, and supposedly had a history of biting.  Through a desperate Facebook plea, Alexandra worked with the local rescue to tend to Enzo until a permanent home could be found. The rescue offered to help pay for Enzo's food and veterinary care while Alexandra tended to him. Once Alexandra had Enzo however, she says the rescue began ignoring her. The rescue in question? Storm's Animal Allies and founder Texie Torok. If you are not familiar with this group's past read these posts from the bottom up & you'll see this is not the first time Storm's Animal Allies have come under scrutiny.

According to Alexandra, Storm's founder Texie Torok acted only as a mediator, having never actually examined or even met Enzo herself. Torok informed Alexandra that Storm's would help help pay for food and vet costs, but then communication stopped. Since that time Alexandra has payed for all of Enzo's care (she has been feeding him a raw diet to put some weight on him & because his teeth are worn). She has brought him such a long way, as you can see in the photos below. Unfortunately Alexandra says she can no longer afford to pay for Enzo's care. Enzo has yet to see a vet, as Storm's has reneged on multiple previous promises to do so.

I, like many of you may question why Alexandra agreed to take in Enzo in the first place if she could not afford to do so. She says the answer is simple. Had Storm's Animal Allies assisted financially as originally promised, there would be no problem. In addition Alexandra maintains that had Storm's told her she would be responsible for all expenditures, she would have not taken in Enzo. Alexandra will continue to provide the best care she can for Enzo until a permanent home can be found. 

What a sad state when one opens their heart to help a rescue to then be left out in the cold.

In the meantime, let's do what we can to spread the word about Enzo. Alexandra has been completely open with details, and we very much appreciate that.  Enzo :

- Turkmen Alabai
- Male
- 7 years old
- Neutered
- Crate free
- Low/medium energy....until you grab his leash!
- House trained (though he has had a couple "accidents" in six weeks)
- Friendly with other household dogs after proper introduction
- Needs a home with no children 
- Extremely affectionate
- Does not bark
- Can pull on the leash (he needs to study his homework!)
- Has a limp on his front end
- Fussy eater with some worn front teeth (Alexandra has been feeding him raw and good quality kibble to build strength)

As Alexandra says, "He is ready for a home, and he will make someone an excellent pet. This dog has been through a lot and bounced a lot.. FLA, NC, CT, GA, NY, 10 brief stints in the Toronto and surrounding area. Please let him find permanency."

Enzo upon & bone

A few weeks later...grrreat job Alexandra!

Enzo with Homey

UPDATE : Texie Torok has taken to Facebook saying she is attempting to reclaim Enzo, though Alexandra worries he will simply be pawned off to another unsuspecting foster with the same claims of assistance for food and veterinary care. In addition, Alexandra Stuart has been labelled to be on crack, a moron, and one who is only in the interest of getting money. That seems quite a thankless label on one who rose to the occasion when no one else would, and an unfounded one when considering the magnificent improvement Enzo has shown in Alexandra's care. Seriously? This woman nurses a dog back to health over six weeks, has done so out of her own kindness and limited budget as a foster, and the rescue has the gall to accuse HER of being in it for the money? Texie Torok has posted to Facebook that she "owns" the dog (though she handed Enzo over to Alexandra without ever seeing him or having any foster papers signed, don't legitimate rescues use contracts?), has posted Enzo to Kijiji with a price of $700 (Alexandra does not seem so greedy anymore does she?), has requested receipts from Alexandra (who maintains this request was only made a couple days ago after her public story reached more people), and that Alexandra lives too far away for her to have been able to come and see Enzo. Here's hoping all amazing foster parents never have to go through a similar circumstance when they make the unselfish decision to temporarily house a needy animal until a permanent loving home can be established, and here's hoping those fosters live within an appropriate boundary so the rescues can check up on the dogs.

Enzo will continue to stay with Alexandra until she can be certain he will be placed in a permanent home. She will not see him back in the hands of Texie Torok or Storm's Animal Allies..

If you are interested in reading how a legitimate runs operations I recommend you look at Helping Homeless Pets' code of ethics.

Helping Homeless Pets has informed me that they would be willing to work alongside Alexandra until a permanent home can be found for Enzo (including assistance for food and veterinary care). I too will assist in any way I can.  Alexandra has expressed her thanks & is looking forward to doing just this.

Again this incident speaks to a larger issue. If you are looking to foster any animal, and bless you for doing so......DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Ask questions. Meet the animal with a rescue representative. Obtain a signed contract. Legitimate rescues are very diligent in gathering information, and you as a prospective foster have every right to be just as diligent.

I look forward to publishing updates on Enzo's situation.

Update November 6 : Enzo has an appointment to see the vet this week. For the past week he's been doing great with Alexandra, though his limp and inability to use flights of stairs is a bit of a concern. I'll update with the vet results soon.


  1. Thank-you to Helping Homless Pets for assisting Alexandra. If it is necessary, perhaps a chipin could be set up so that others could contribute to Enzo's care. There is NO WAY that Enzo should ever get into the hands of Texie Torok/Storm's Animal Allies. And, strictly speaking, Enzo was never in Torok's hands to begin with,-she has never even met him. There should be a list started for questionable 'rescues'. Storm's Animal Allies is, sadly, not the first 'rescue' acting totally irresponsibly.

  2. thetorontopetdailyNovember 4, 2012 at 4:00 AM

    For some reason this comment didn't load so in all fairness here it is...

    Shane Roberts - toronto pet daily.. I don't know if u know but
    Alexandra aka Alex is a lying welfare scammer, I know her she lives in
    an apt *8 floor how did u get flooded out in ur 8th floor apt, she has a
    pill of dog there. little ones and a couple of pitbulls .. this girls
    as crazy as they come.I would believe anything she says.. I use to live
    under neith her

  3. thetorontopetdailyNovember 4, 2012 at 5:37 AM

    I might as well resond :

    Thanks Shane for pointing that out.....Alexandra must be horrible, Can you believe that Texie would simple put a dog in this woman's hands? According to you Alexandra is "as crazy as they come". I guess Texie felt secure enough to place this dog in her care.

  4. I think it is horrible that slanderous things are being written about Alexandra (who I have never met). The before and after photos of Enzo speak volumes. As far as Storm's reclaiming Enzo... well I hope that does not happen. Legally I'm not sure Storm's has a leg to stand on as Enzo was never in their care or custody. Lastly I don't know how Storm's can claim to have a family lined up for Enzo that has never met him. No rescue I've ever heard of or worked with adopts a dog to a family that it has never met. It's a recipe for disaster and a very good way to ensure Enzo keeps getting bounced from home to home. Kudos to Helping Homeless Pets.

  5. This "so-called" foster just had Enzo euthanized. A *MUCH BETTER* solution than having him return to Storm's for re-fostering, eh? Now he will not have to worry about the forever home that we had found him.

    This human piece of excrescence should not be allowed NEAR another animal EVER. Her own should be removed in case she decides it doesn't like her too.

    1. I feel badly for the potential owners such as my self that wanted to adopt Enzo. He could have lived his last years a happy boy.

  6. My comment was removed before - Enzo is dead. Thanks Alexandra for murdering him.

  7. Ah yes, and now we have The Toronto Pet Daily and Alexandra Stuart to blame for the mishandling and death of Enzo. Too bad neither of you actually investigated Alexandra for mental stability. Turns out she's got a long history of this type of activity. Good one everyone! Great job for completely screwing up Enzo's chances and hope for life.

  8. I'm sorry, I always thought it was the RESCUE'S job to investigate Alexandra Stuart. I'm amazed that if her long history of mental instability is true, as you say, that Texie Torok would let a dog near Alexandra, let alone FOR TWO MONTHS. Please do a better job at deflecting the blame with your next comment.

  9. Yes it certainly is a pity that for two months Texie Torok left Enzo in that situation. If it were my dog and I had those same feelings toward Alexandra, you can be rest assured that dog would have been removed in two hours.

  10. If Alexandra Stuart was concerned for this animals welfare than she would have looked harder to place him in a better home.
    She contacted animal control yesterday and spoke to a bi-law officer, and told them she wanted to euthanize him. The bi-law officer advised her it's ILLEGAL to euthanize an animal that is not hers, and that nobody from animal control would help her. The entire animal control has been in an uproar wanting to find this animal.
    Alexandra was mad and upset that she got turned down, and decided to seek out a vet. With her "limited budget" this piece of scum paid a vet to euthanize him, and provided false information that she was fully Enzo's owner, and that he was hers. That is FRAUD and we plan to have her fully changed for the crime she has committed.
    She is only a foster. She is in no position to dictate what happens to an animals life. That is up to a rescue or a vet. She is not licensed or experienced to make a decision like that!
    Might I also add, I personally offered to take him. Other families messaged her asking to take them. She never replied. Se focused on getting her money back. Now it's too late.
    Alexandra will pay for what she did. She has broken many laws, and the police are already instigating.

  11. Ah point being that you were so quick to "embrace" Alexandra as the victim in this situation - predisposed by your unfounded bias towards Storm's Animal Allies that you neglected to see/discover yourself, that Alexandra was the problem. It displeases me greatly that so many people waded into a situation that didn't require it which ultimately caused Enzo's death. As for Texie "leaving" Enzo there? She couldn't get the dog away from Alexandra. Hence the police and further discovery. As you all well know, fosters are extremely difficult to come by and when someone presents, that by all appearances and peer support seem to be the answer to a much needed situation, you relent. What shocks me is the level of interference and time wasted by your community of well doers that ultimately hindered the dog being taken out in time. After Enzo's vetting, his forever home was awaiting him. But no, the Toronto Pet Daily community had to intervene, and delay that adoption by 2 weeks so they could "fundraise" for Enzo's vetting. Vetting that wasn't required. Ah yes, and the massive fund raising efforts that only resulted in $25 towards Enzo's unrequired vetting as all the vetting you were trying to fund raise for had already been provided by Storm's. At the very least, lessons were learned on both sides. I hope that for future reference you'll know when to stay out of a situation, and secondly, consider the source and historical context, i.e., e-mails, conversations, etc., that exist before someone deceives you into interceding as well. And perhaps you'll come to understand that Storm's Animal Allies actually does help animals and you can stop hindering their abilities, so less animals die in the future.

  12. I really don't know why you keep deleting my comments there, sir. As a blogger you should be okay exposing the truth. Don't be a coward.
    People need to know that Alexandra Stuart was warned by the animal control bi-law officers that it was illegal to put enzo down. She took it upon her self to go to a vets office and LIE her way into euthanizing him. She is facing possible criminal charges and has committed fraud!
    I myself told her I would take him and she never wrote us back. She's a sick and disgusting creature.