Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Have You Checked Out "dogstwentyfourseven"?

Lately I've been reading fellow Toronto blogger Becky White's articles & absolutely love them! I invited Becky to share some posts on the Toronto Pet Daily. I'll be featuring her posts every few weeks, and for more great reading visit the dogstwentyfourseven Facebook page. Here is Becky's first contribution from her blog, I think you'll love it as much as I did.

The Dog Gene

I have a theory some of us have the Dog Gene. For some, the Dog Gene shows up in childhood. For others, the Dog Gene does not develop until later in life. Mine was very obvious and appeared in childhood. There are photos of me pushing our black Spaniel Freddy in a baby carriage dressed in doll’s clothing. There was no need for a stiff doll, with only one facial emotion, when I could have a living, breathing puppy that enjoyed my company. Those photos foreshadow many more photos of me with my Grandmother’s dogs at the family cottage over the years. I definitely inherited the Dog Gene from my Grandmother.

Freddy was followed by Ben, a sweet black lab that further nurtured my Dog Gene. He was with us until shortly after my Wedding Day and has a special place in my heart having been with the family for thirteen years.

For some people the Dog Gene can appear later in life, for example, by marrying a spouse who has the gene. A suggestion by the dog lover to get a puppy or acquire an older dog could awaken a sleeping Dog Gene in their partner. For many of us, the Dog Gene starts in childhood with a family dog.

How do you know if you have it?
  • Your heart will flutter when you see a puppy, and if you get to pick one up the feeling you will experience is sheer bliss. Often, one’s voice goes up an octave similar to talking to a young baby.
  • You will speak to complete strangers with dogs or to dogs tied up outside of stores thinking they understand your every word.
  • You forward dog videos from Youtube to your Facebook or email them to friends.
  • You fret with worry when your vet leaves you waiting for results on your beloved dog and answers just can’t seem to come fast enough.
  • You know the sound a dog makes prior to vomiting and despite the wee hours of the night get up to make sure all is well.
  • You complain about the dog fur that comes with shedding but deal with it for over a decade or longer.
  • You are the people I see on my dog walks that smile as I cross the road with a very Senior Retriever and motion for me to go ahead and cross knowing this will take time.
  • You are the strangers in cars that pull up beside me, and smile looking our way, or roll down the window at a light and say ‘That is just like my dog!’ You often have a large dog sitting in your passenger seat, just like a human being.
  • You are the strangers that cried with us at an Emergency Vet years ago when our old chocolate lab had to be put down.
  • You miss your dog while on a vacation where your pooch cannot come.
  • You go on walks in the rain or in sub-zero temperatures for the sake of your dog.
  • You know the feeling of calm a dog brings you when you pat it. Research has proven those with dogs live longer, as they lower our heart rates and get us exercised.
  • You are reading my blog.
My word of advice, embrace your Dog Gene as it is truly unique!

Now I pose a question to you, my readers. When did your Dog Gene emerge?

**I'll be featuring another article by Becky soon, but if you just can't wait, head on over to dogstwentyfourseven!

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