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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Being Threatened By "Viktor Larkhill", Founder Of "Let's Adopt! Global"

I've got a secret. Actually I've got plenty, but the one that has drawn the attention of "Viktor Larkhill" (not his real name....it's hard to keep track of his personal pages as well as his "Fan" pages on Facebook) is my involvement in a private Facbook group that has been communicating for the last while to bring attention to "Let's Adopt! Global" and the way the organization conducts its business. For too long legitimate questions have been posed to the group on their Facebook page, and by me on this blog :

Yet Another Rescue Organization Facing Scrutiny
Is "Let's Adopt Global" A Fraudulent Organization?

The above two articles have over 600 recommendations combined, something that rarely happens on my little blog. It sure feels like I'm onto something, and now Let's Adopt Global has responded the way they always do when there are detractors. They threaten. They bully.

In the latest blog written by Viktor he states, "We also find a Toronto-based blog writer, Gordon Macey, publisher of the Toronto Pet Daily, someone whose reputation as serious journalist could go down the toilet if people knew his “other side"." I thank Viktor for referring to me as a "serious journalist", it's about time someone realized it! While you're reading Viktor's latest article be sure to scroll the others. You won't see them all as a few are password protected, in an act of full transparency by Let's Adopt Global, but on the ones you can see, after reading ask yourself if you can name ONE founder of any reputable rescue group in the world who seems to spend more time degrading people than saving animals.

Oh how I wish Viktor had published so many more posts from our private group. The ones about phone calls threatening to burn down one member's house would have fit in perfectly.

How did Viktor find out about the secret Facebook group? I assume through the regular Let's Adopt Global method of hacking, as almost all 11 of us has had our accounts compromised in the last month. So there you have it. I am a conniving, duplicitous man who has been taking part in a giant conspiracy to bring down Let's Adopt Global". Truth be told I didn't start out like that. I promise! I became such a horrible person after seeing time and time again the way Let's Adopt Global responds to critics.

I readily admit to being part of a secret Facebook group that has the best interests of the animals at heart. Now please permit me to pose questions to Let's Adopt Global, seeing as Viktor has taken me to task :

1. Why does Viktor continue to ban anyone who asks legitimate questions on the Let's Adopt Global Facebook page?

2. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish multiple ChipIn donation pages for the needs of one particular animal? One recent plea amassed $9500 USD, which converts to over $17 000 Turkish Lira. Either Shuuja the dog was treated by the world's most expensive veterinarian or is living in one fantastic doggy house.

3. Are tax deductable receipts offered to those who donate their hard earned money to the animals?

4. Why does Viktor spend so much time publishing articles on his blog that aim to degrade individuals (I'm now "famous"....see update below)? Why did he feel it necessary to publish a picture of one individual's underage daughter on the page?

5. Should I be afraid of Viktor and Let's Adopt Global, as so many are?

6. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish so few updates on rescued dogs?

7. Why does Let's Adopt Global publish private information about people and invite their followers to "contact" them?

8. Where is Vania, the dog that Viktor maintains is with him in Turkey. Vania's donations came to more than $10 000. 

9. Can any reader name me ONE rescue that publishes peoples' personal information, that consistently bullies others, that refuses to be transparent, that uses its blog as an avenue of hatred toward others, and that threatens others so much?

10. Why does Viktor continue to threaten Carol Vierela, a VOLUNTEER who a few years back had the wonderful initiative of getting concerned citizens together to photograph animals on "death row" at a North Carolina shelter in the hopes that it would increase their exposure? In so doing Carol has helped to reduce the killing rate at the shelter by over 40%, and she doesn't even work there! Why label Carol as "fat" and a "donkey"? Personally I don't care what she looks like as long as she continues to save lives.

Well.....consider me threatened. With regard to the secret Facbook group? I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for the other individuals in it. They have all been bullied and threatened beyond belief by Viktor and Let's Adopt Global. Some are understandably scared of being on the receiving end of even more death threats, yet they continue to discuss and compare notes on Let's Adopt Global based solely on what they have WITNESSED, not through compromising anyone's security.  They do so not for fame or personal vendetta (in an ironic twist Viktor's alias is taken from the graphic literature "V for Vendetta"), if they wanted to do that they would each start a blog attacking Viktor in the same way he has done to them. I think you know who they do it for.

As far as I can guess the private Facebook group continues to be compromised by Let's Adopt Global. Since Viktor seems to want everything out in the open, a Facebook page "Let's Adopt Global - Their Own Words" has now been published. On it you will see full screen shots from the private group, as well as correspondence from Viktor himself in which he degrades others. If you don't have any reason to question Let's Adopt! Global after viewing the page, then keep forking over your hard earned money. 


Viktor has some wonderful things to say about me today. Truth be told I wrote the above yesterday but decided not to publish any more on LAG as per my email correspondence with Viktor (somehow I just knew he'd eventually put aside time from "rescuing" animals to call me names & publish pictures). I told him that correspondence would remain private and respected that. In fact, I urge Viktor to go through his 500 pages of hacked material to find where I discussed our correspondence in the private Facebook group. It does not exist. I said I wouldn't publish anything until talking to them first, but I guess Viktor has replied through his blog.

He even posted my response to a question on the Facebook group : 

I have no problem with my above statement, as I was trying to appear objective to Let's Adopt! Global, not my readers. My readers are adults and can read what I post and decide for themselves if I raise legitimate questions with regard to Let's Adopt Global. I wasn't trying to "dupe" any readers, I was trying to "dupe" Let's Adopt Global, and got caught in the act of doing so (now I know how a CIA operative must feel after a failed mission). Oops! That's ok, they still have to answer the above questions. Not for my benefit, but for the animals. As I stated in the above hacked correspondence, they make it very hard to remain objective.

I've questioned Viktor and Let's Adopt! Global as it PERTAINS TO ANIMALS. I refuse to use this blog to degrade Viktor as a person or to encourage others to insult him. I will not publicly call him a coward nor will I publicly post pictures of him and his family (as he has done to me). Might I make the odd comment in a private Facebook group among others who have received death threats? I might and I may have. Have you ever made a comment in what you believed to be a private forum? Can you imagine what Viktor says about others in private? If his public blog is any indication I doubt he's had many flattering things to say about me in private! Don't worry Viktor it is not in my nature to hack into your system. I have the time as I don't portray myself as a rescuer, but you do so I'm confused. Are you a rescuer or a blogger? Which do you spend more time on? Saving animals' lives or attempting to destroy peoples'?

As always feel free to read my bio. I may not amass thousands in donations like Lets Adopt! Global does, but I use my ad revenue and personal income to create an equal balance of supporting myself and donating to charity. Oh, and I have every receipt to show for it. 

I will not be responding on the Let's Adopt Global page as it will be deleted. I will say however if you are one of the thousands of caring people who support Let's Adopt! Global, you need to re-read the above concerns and direct them towards Viktor. Voicing your issues about me does not help the animals. I am not a rescuer. Let's Adopt Global is, or at least I think it is.....

One final update :

Viktor has hacked the private group and has now begun editing our posts so he can publish them to his own pages. Again, unconscionable and unbecoming of ANY rescue in the world. The page is gone now, though anything that Viktor posts must be questioned.

To close this matter from my end, I'll direct anyone who wishes to sing the praises of Let's Adopt Global to do so on their pages. I will not publish any such praises. From anyone. That would amount to supporting a corrupt, volatile, and fraudulent organization. It is a shame in that in three years NEVER have I felt the need to close comments, as everyone deserves a say, but when that "say" is nothing more wishing people stricken with cancer would just die, when that "say" is threatening to burn down one's house, and when that "say" is attacking my weight or the fact that I am an amputee it has to stop. Not because I'm hurt by any such comments (I have thick skin, as Viktor's supporters have alluded to time and time again!), rather because I can not think of one reasonable way that such action helps animals in need. If you are a supporter of Let's Adopt Global and see no harm in the way the organization threatens, hacks, insults, steals, and focuses more energy on doing so rather than actually helping animals, I wish you luck.


  1. Why hasn't face book done something about this guy and all these pages he uses to swindle people out of money. That is a disgrace on face books part, I jyst read that they want to shut down people with more than 1 page, not to mention the hacking. I hope all involved has reported him. I have one of carols dog and I personally think she is a wonderful, beautuful person who has her heart in the right place.

  2. I too asked a question or two on their facebook page, and was banned for it. One of the questions I asked, was WHERE IS VANIA? There was much money donated for the care of this dog, but it has disappeared. Viktor/Ivan says that he has it in Turkey, but rumor has it that he is now living in Spain, and that the dog is in New York. Simple question: Where is Vania? He's been spewing a lot of vitriol lately to cover it up, especially at anyone who dares to ask the question.

  3. If you want some true information on Victor Larkhill, aka Ivan Jimenez, aka Matt Murdock, aka Victor Chacon, please provide me your e-mail address. I can send you stuff that goes back almost 4 years, from the time this clown was wearing a mask in Istanbul and pretending to be a "super-hero". He insulted the Turkish people so much that he had to shut down his Turkey operation as he was fearing reprisals from all those he insulted. He was taken to court many times and many Turkish Animal organizations conducted actions against him, as well as many anti-Let's Adopt Facebook groups were formed just to stop him. Now he conducts his attacks on people who are half-a-world away, sitting in his posh Bosporus house in Istanbul, trolling the web for pitiful looking dogs he can use to exploit people to collect donations. He is precluded from even opening a bank account in Turkey, as he does not have a "tax" number required to open a bank account, to pay utility bills, etc. He does not have a tax number because he does not work. He supports himself by collecting donations from overseas sources, in his friends and followers accounts.He is not registered person in Turkey so he lives in the fringes of society in his girl-friends house. While trolling the internet and Facebook for photos and sad stories of animals around the world, there is a shelter that is only 40 minute ride away from his posh house. The animals there are dying of neglect, starvation, mange and all sorts of other illnesses. Yet instead of organizing something for those dogs, he is busy on the internet seeking justice for a dog in NC! The man lives in Istanbul, has never been to the States, but is collecting money from people in the States. Is no one checking on this? What are the tax liabilities? How can he give credit to those who donate, since he is not registered as a charity in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, including the USA? All he has is a Facebook social media profile, that is all!! He acts like he is the founder of an "organization". All smoke and mirrors, all a hoax, like his educational background, and his claims that he is a partner of a Social Media Consulting Agency. The man has never attended a university, has no training, and he barely spoke English till four years ago. He does not how to spell all the four letter words, it is his specialty, along with sending pictures of his bare ass to people and insulting people and criticizing people for their looks, their age, their life style. He claims that he eats at the best restaurants of Istanbul, drinks the best wines and is invited to the best parties. Of course he does!! People in the USA fund his life style in Istanbul.
    I adopted a blind pitbull from this man, I met him in Istanbul and I know him well.
    Do not for one minute believe that he is moved by animal compassion. His is the need to see his name, by creating drama, conflict, discord. He has a psychopatic need to be the center of attention, he will don a mask, a cape, have super-hero character comic books published about himself, he has a need to be controversial.He is all of the above, but he does NOT run a rescue organization, nor does he run a charity organization. He is the founder of a social media page called Let's Adopt, who has manipulated hoards of people in thinking that he is legitimate charity organization, and thus he has manipulated thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting and kind hearted people.

  4. Hi ... ,
    this is now the third article I see on your page about LAG and Viktor, I never made any negative comments nor did I threat anyone, I just offered to have a chat with you about my experience with LAG, which was not negative! Every medal has two sites. Right now I am a little disappointed because you never made any effort to get in touch with me, so you only listen to one part of the LAG story? Makes me wonder who you research your information , good and honest journalism goes always both ways, not only one.

  5. I wrote the below statement and would like to add that my photo that Victor stole from my Facebook page is on Victor's Black List blog for the last 4 years. My name is at the top of the list of his "Black List". Don't assume that any of those people, who all reside in Turkey, have abused animals. Even though he warns people not to give any animals, not even a fly to the people on this list, the people are not animal abusers. They are people who challenged and angered Victor, asked him questions and were banished to the Black List. I was put on the top of his Blacklist for befriending the head of a registered legitimate Turkish animal charity that he was engaged in a much publicized conflict. He demanded that I drop her from by Facebook friends list. I did not "comply" with his demand, I was banished from let's Adopt group as well as being place on the top of His Black List, and was the target of much harassment by him and his followers about my looks and age. I was insulted, called names and threatened by him and his followers. I still have all the correspondence. The blind dog I was about to adopt from him was taken from the foster family and quickly sent to the USA to "punish" me for not "obeying" him. I believe that this man is not stable, and even though most of his close followers themselves say the same about him, they are too afraid to criticize. He publishes the home addresses, works addresses, telephone numbers pictures of any one that has the gull to stand up to him, and invites his followers to bombard the person with messages of insult through the internet and Facebook. Victor is a bully, who has found himself an outlet through Facebook to rant, rave and manipulate, and also, make money!!

  6. Congrats for teaming up with some of most idiotic people that could ever walk the planet.Why can't you just confess that throwing mud at certain orgs are your way to gain some traffic here ?

    Such a disgrace..

  7. P.S. you are a coward for deleting the comments of those who are not ok with you :-)

  8. Riddle me this, why do all these so-called rescuers in Canada block ANYONE else that questions them and some of their friends? It goes both ways. There's fire being spewed from all sides, not just from LAG. And this is a pot-kettle-black merry-go-round. In the end, lots of animals have been endangered, their lives jeopardized, all over egos. Especially those of the people from LAG BEWARE, which are a bunch of whiny bitches and cowards. Get a life, bitches.

  9. Incılay Golden, by now everyone is tired of hearing your stories.Aren't you?

    I especially want to congratulate Gord for teaming up with some of the most idiotic people that could ever walk the planet and who,certainly has so much time on their hands (or fingertips)

    Gord,don't be fooled,this is not a good way to attract some traffic here...It really does no good to you or your business.Great to see you were entertained by some women who had no decency and had the sickest pleasure of discussing sexual orientations of some org members or their pen**s size..Way to go.

  10. You should talk... you sensationalize anything and everything for the sake of a few LOLs. I have yet to see you ignore anything and try and focus on the animals.

  11. And tell me... what do yo get out of it? Really?

  12. Riddle me this, why doesn't Viktor get a life and stop harassing, slandering, and having his followers threaten NCAF? How about that?? He has repeatedly attacked NCAF for MONTHS. There are so many other shelters across the US where animals are dying yet he's so transfixed on this group (and NCAF isn't even the shelter!!!). Makes no sense to me. If Viktor gives you a LOGICAL answer then let me know. Thanks.

  13. Yes, where is Vania??? There are no updates

  14. Thank you for bringing this organization's antics to light! I can only hope thousands will read this and see the sketchy framework of Let's Adopt. They have targeted many people and I have never in all my years seen an animal welfare charity work more like a terrorist organization- they are very scary individuals to say the least. Needless to say, with all of the illegal hacking along with misappropriation of funds I do believe in the near future karma will come knocking on Viktor's front door. Thank you for having the courage to expose these wacko, nuts!

  15. Ava you are the one teamed up with some very dillusional and mentally disturbed that have walked the planet. Anybody that encourages their followers to harass and threaten anybody else is not exactly someone I want to be associated with. Also, how many animaols has LAG saved in the last week??? Just curious because NCAF has saved over 10 plus an additonal 6 cats...in just a week,.,,,what is LAGS stats????? Where is your money really going??? Don't you wanrt to know that your money is going to the animals and not some useless scum like Viktor????

  16. thetorontopetdailySeptember 13, 2012 9:27 PM

    You are awakening myself and many to one main issue that we have not been focusing on, and that is the fact that in the grand scheme of things and life, Let's Adopt Global and Viktor Larkhill, or whatever of his aliases he chooses to use to evade the law, are actually quite inconsequential. Any man who spends so much of his day writing up slandering posts to satisfy his own ego is clearly not all there. You see the only reason I ever posted about the group was to raise awareness to help those donate their hard earned money to organizations that actually wish to feed animals, not their ego. I've said my piece but I will continue to expose this issue so long as Viktor continues to hack, steal, and lie. Every time he opens his mouth another questions his credibility. He says the same about me, the difference of course being that I don't need to scam people out of money by posting false information. To those gullible to donate one penny (as one of us did so our questions would be posed for ALL to see, not hidden by Viktor), I feel sorry for them. They in all likelihood are actually caring people thinking they are donating to animals rather than Viktor's lifestyle.

    By all means feel free to email [email protected] A group of us (I would say it's small but it unsurprisingly has grown quite a bit over the last two days as more and more are coming out of the woodwork and are no longer willing to sit idly by) have amassed quite a bit of information and all is continued to be forward to the proper authorities.

    Thank you for your comment.

  17. Well Gordy wont' stop deleting my comments so your reply seemed weird as well Amelia,

    How many animals LAG saved and payed for last week ? Certainly more than you would ever save and pay for and no I am not a contributor of their chip-ins however let me tell you a bit about orgs responsabilities ; it is certainly not publishing their annual expense sheets on Facebook like you crazy people would like to imagine but to give an annual report to the responsibles...

    Here , I wlll shed a some light into your darkness ;

    '''Basic Law
    All 501(c)(4)s are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are required to file annual financial
    reports. Every 501(c)(4) organization with annual gross receipts over $50,000 must file a Form 990 or
    Form 990-EZ with the IRS annually. ''


    As for the numbers, here we say quality vs quanity,comparing the two would be really a stupid thing to do as LAG focus on diseased/ handicapped and unadoptable seniors mainly.

    I am not for bashing NCAF , they are needed there. However please don't be that stupid to compare the two.Give me for ex. a case where the dog is paralyzed and is about to be killed and that NCAF was able to save? Or senior black dogs ? Cases without any hope? Handicappeds? No I dont see so many sorry.

    Harrassment and threats are wrong,that is correct but hell, is discussing about peoples private parts and exposing their family house right? C'mon..

  18. Why is it that people continue to take advantage (likely for their own gain) of the very things they "profess" to be trying to protect? Viktor, you're an ass. Gord - we love you!

  19. Hi, I left that group a long time ago. As someone mentioned below... when does adoption take place? I don't think there's much, if any, adoption going on there. It's more like a front for a crazy man. Bullying people and asking for money. I think we need to alert the authorities to him. He had a posted pictures of a couple of precious baby lambs that he 'rescued'. I mentioned that I was vegan and strongly against cruelty to ALL animals. He went on a vegan assault rampage with post after post trying to belittle vegans and how stupid we must be to care about lambs, cows, pigs, etc. (this coming from a man who cares for animals??). Days later he posted pictures of his dogs chewing on raw lambs heads. I thought I was going to throw up. No one said a thing. I don't understand why anyone is following him.

  20. Is there not any way to stop this maniac, Viktor? He is stealing money that is meant for the help of these animals and I am so amazed at how many people believe/follow him! With the enormous monetary amounts he has amassed I would think that this would break some international or local laws where he resides. When researching on FB anyone who does not agree with him is banned from Let's Adopt and tormented. He is truly insane as I have read where he contacts opponents employers and such, well I own the company I work for so maybe someone like myself should take him on lol! I would love to stop this horrible person from wrecking havoc on NCAF and the other small shelters he chooses to "black list". This Viktor Larkhill is a very dangerous, narcissistic, wanna be dictator! WOW

  21. From "Rita Rowland"

    Is there not any way to stop this maniac, Viktor? He is stealing money
    that is meant for the help of these animals and I am so amazed at how
    many people believe/follow him! With the enormous monetary amounts he
    has amassed I would think that this would break some international or
    local laws where he resides. When researching on FB anyone who does not
    agree with him is banned from Let's Adopt and tormented. He is truly
    insane as I have read where he contacts opponents employers and such,
    well I own the company I work for so maybe someone like myself should
    take him on lol! I would love to stop this horrible person from wrecking
    havoc on NCAF and the other small shelters he chooses to "black list".
    This Viktor Larkhill is a very dangerous, narcissistic, wanna be
    dictator! WOW

  22. I truly commend all those who have stood up to this group and faced harassment and bullying and being called trolls- by the same people who were doing it turning it around and saying you were doing it to them- but it was clear to see LAG was harassing anyone who questioned and LAG deletes and makes fun of people where the Beware page leaves the LAG trolls/harassers posts up for all to see their stupid and hateful remarks. I do hope the Homeland Security investigation goes well about that trip where he flaunted guns and the comments about the officer of Homeland Security letting biscuit pass right on by really seemed to get Homeland involved FINALLY..............

  23. nderstand and apparently she dont understan alot of things…love, chrissieGina VodegelSeptember 15, 2012 at 3:00 amEarlier, or yesterday (in my timezone) I got a reply to a question I posted on the facebook page of the TDOC (Tennessee Department Of Correction). The page admin said they had no warden there working with that name (Angelia Bratcher Bess). I assumed she was a warden due to comments she left on the Beware page (or correction officer) and her signature under her email sent to Monkey, leads to similar conclusions: Angelia Bratcher Bess c.o TDOC.But according to the TDOC page admin they do not have a warden by that name. Some further research resulted in a Linkedin account referring to being a “MHPS2″ at the TDOC, and the name listed is Angela Bess. Googling for that MHPS2 then produced a special report about the Tennessee prison facilities. In it, on page 33, the word MHPS was explained.The woman who created and creates fake facebook accounts in order to be able to harass and perhaps also just to add volume to the number of “likes” on that Beware page, apparently works as a Mental Health Program Specialist, or at the department for mental health in the prison facility. That’s even more ironic, moronic, unbelievable?It is very hard to believe that a person holding a job like that would behave in ways that are portrayed here above in those screenshots taken from a secret facebook group. And in that email to Monkey, a certain tone of voice rings through, one that tries to impress, intimidate and bully. She has posted in that tone of voice before, on the Beware page.So after the TDOC page admin gave me an answer, I sent a new message asking if a person by that name did work in their organization, if she wasn’t a warden. I also sent some screenshots in which her job at the TDOC is referred to loud and clear. Both as a description on her profile pagehttps://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/catstakeamessageandgetbacktoyou orhttps://www.facebook.com/catstakeamessageandgetbacktoyou (momentarily deactivated) and in a comment on the Beware page.I didn’t get a reply. Since she wasn’t a warden and my question was somewhat answered, I went to the TDOC facebook page to remove it from the page. The admin however had already done that and blocked me as well. That felt kind of odd, because the exchange of messages was done in a civil manner, simply inquiring and providing information.My next message to the page admin referred to me being blocked from posting and that I had learned the woman in question apparently was employed as a mental health specialist or worked at that department. Pretty shocking fact, if you combine this with her conduct in Facebook. I also informed the page admin I would take my inquiry outside of Facebook and would seek answers elsewhere in the organization.I then got a notification, a generic one, that my message could not be delivered. The page admin had blocked me from contacting him or her.So be it. I went to their official website, called their number in Tennessee and got a message their voicemail could not take anymore messages, since their offices were closed. So all there is left, for the moment, is sending emails, until I can call them again on Monday.


  24. Raciel FernandezSeptember 14, 2012 at 7:30 pmThis woman was particularly agressive in her attacks. Using dozens of fake accounts, even having to use her friend’s cell phone numbers to confirm that they are “real” so she could keep attacking with baseless lies. But this time she threatened using the full power of her State employer. Imagine if she worked for the IRS and threatening people that she will have them investigate you because you posted her her lies on facebook.I hope they finally put an end to her madness. Who knows who else she’s done this to.

  25. Seems I read that many of those fake accounts were older than some on LAG- she had accounts in cat names- yes- look around LAG there are many in cat names. Missy LeChatte should give you a clue and Tiger Bess btw is the picture of the orange tabby. And questions were asked. A penny was donated after many a time of no answers. Not sure what the who else she has done this to means... She has donated for a cat to have dental surgery and jaw replaced in January in Florida after Arizona killed Scruffy. Over $300 but not going to say how much over as it might not be well received at home. Suni was the cats name. Surgery or death. Surgery. Angelia has also never asked for money to help in the 5 cats she drove to Alabama to rescue over a year ago. And was not going to ask for help to go get the one in Georgia either. Now the attack LAG did to the employers websites- did not stop her promotion. The people in Tennessee government that you scorn LAG- they see the true nature of LAG. She is safe. And she thanks all those who wrote to report LAG as crazy stalkers. They really showed it.

  26. One more- we saw the fake LAG accounts as well. Plus gina's accounts where she asks for money. Now don't throw stones too far when you do the same or worse.

  27. I live in Turkey and my vet, who soon became my close friend is one of the the latest victims to this evil man's nonsense. He is arguing that the vet is a butcher and all, and as i witnessed the whole case i thought i'd go and explain in his blog what i actually witnessed, a totally different story than what he had posted. Well guess what, the comment never showed up! All the other comments that were really rude towards the vet showed up instantly and i can't even imagine how people comment like "evil bitch must burn in hell" without even knowing the truth.. it is really upsetting that this guy, who people believe is an animal rescuer is nothing but one. He just targets individuals and mess up their lives.

  28. injuly, i'd really like to contact you and get further info about him.