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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....A Statement Made By One Of The OSPCA Lawyers

While arguing the OSPCA was well within their right to enter one woman's house through the bedroom while she was asleep, OSPCA lawyer Gerald Chan made the following statement :

"...the standard to obtain a search warrant can't be so high that "we sacrifice animals at the alter of procedure."

 It's always nice to come home to a laugh. Let's look at two key points in Mr. Chan's statement :

Animals should not be sacrificed

I couldn't agree more, though it certainly appears the pot is calling the kettle black. Last time I checked the OSPCA has no issues sacrificing (their own lawyer's term, not mine) animals in their possession, provided of course it suits its needs. Are we to forget it was the OSPCA who attempted to hide the sacrifice of more than 350 animals housed in its headquarters just two short years ago? Are we to forget the OSPCA continues to sacrifice seemingly healthy animals on a daily basis?

The Alter Of Procedure

The last place I'd rely for any instruction on proper procedure is the OSPCA. This is the same organization that was found, through an external report, to be unable to keep basic records of animals in its care. It is the same organization that seems to have difficulty implementing many of the procedures recommended by that same report. Yes this is the organization that just last month (again the OSPCA relies on the public's lack of long term memory, or even short term memory for that matter) circulated an internal memo detailing how to milk the government and in turn YOU the taxpayers for more money. Its procedure? Naturally to not reveal to the government or public just how much the upper management receives in salaries. Thanks to the Toronto Star for exposing just how corrupt the organization has become.

The good news? It used to be that my email alerts for anything OSPCA came rather sporadically. Lately the trend has changed. Every week I get several articles detailing yet another OSPCA blunder, and I see it as a good sign that time is not on the side of the organization.

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