Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's Work TOGETHER To Protect Zoo And Aquarium Animals

"'My sense is we’re going to have to do something,' Premier Dalton McGuinty said this week as he was dragged, kicking and struggling, into the Marineland controversy." - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
We've forced the Premier to respond about protecting Marineland's animals. Now let's make him act.
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Last week, I went in person to Queen's Park to deliver your 77,000 signatures to Premier Dalton McGuinty demanding stronger laws for Marineland's animals now. The momentum we've built up together is incredible.
After the petition delivery, the Premier conceded that Ontario is ready to strengthen it's animal protection laws, but he's still either dragging his feet or missing the point. 
We are having a real impact and we are so close to winning this for the animals. Now that we know we have the Premier's attention and he is thinking about doing something, we have to push even harder to make him act. Will you help me make sure the Premier stops stalling by sharing my petition with your friends on Facebook to help us reach 100,000 signatures?
Premier McGuinty still says he's going to wait until the Ontario SPCA investigation of Marineland is finished, even though we made it perfectly clear that no matter what the OSPCA finds - animals in zoos and aquariums across Ontario are still not protected. Currently, anyone in Ontario can start a zoo or aquarium without a license, training or expertise, and there's no oversight or inspections. Worst of all there are no ways to shut down bad zoos or aquariums.
We want a commitment that no matter what the OSPCA says Premier McGuinty will close these huge legal loopholes and will protect the Marineland animals and all other captive animals in Ontario with strong laws now. Click here to share my petition and finally protect Ontario's animals!
For the animals and for Smooshi the walrus,
- Phil Demers
P.S. Want something else to do? Give the Premier a call at 416 325 1941, tweet to him @dalton_mcguinty, or post on his Facebook page.