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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Exodus Wilderness Adventures Issues Statement With Regard To Photograph Of Hunted Wolves

Earlier this week a Facebook page posted a picture of an individual posing with wolves that he had hunted and killed. The photo caused quite an uproar, with thousands of comments and several death threats posted toward the individual! I reached out to his employer for a statement as I felt no one had given consideration to either the individual or the company. Here is the response I received today :


Good morning and thank you Mr. Macey for contacting us with regard to this extremely sensitive and volatile issue. 

Last week, our office received several calls and messages that alerted us to a picture of our part-time fishing guide, Brent Sawyer, with eight wolves he legally trapped on personal time during the 2011 and 2012 seasons with licenses and tags issued by the Idaho Department of Fish & Game.

Several of these messages were from individuals expressing their anger toward Brent and their unhappiness with Exodus as his employer. Many messages further indicated that, should these individuals visit our area, they will choose to not use us as their outfitter. We support their right to spend their time and money with any outfitter who best meets their needs and suits their personalities.

While Exodus deals professionally with rafting, jet boating and fishing, many of our guides are year-round outdoorsmen with varying views on wildlife, preservation, hunting and the environment. Just as we support the right of private individuals to choose where they spend their time and money, we support the right of our guides to live their personal lives, within the bounds of state and federal law, as they choose.

Mr. Sawyer has not acted outside the bounds of the law and will continue to be employed by Exodus Wilderness Adventures as a part-time fishing guide.

In closing, we provide the following links to educational resources on wolf recovery and trapping in the state of Idaho found at The Wolf Education Research Center http://www.wolfcenter.org/default.aspx and Idaho Department of Fish & Game Wolf Management http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/wildlife/wolves/   


While I may not agree with individuals hunting for sport (I don't), I feel the response sums up quite clearly that what Mr. Sawyer does in his free time is not illegal. If you are one of the individuals uttering volatile threats toward Mr. Sawyer, might I suggest using that energy toward petitioning the local government to amend the current law? That seems like better time management, doesn't it?

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