Monday, September 3, 2012

Attempts To Get Answers From Pet Pardons' President Chris Hoar And Director Of Canadian Operations Jeromie Williams Prove Futile

To catch you up to date here are, in order, my qualms :

Is Pet Pardons Stealing Donations?

In All Likelihood, Y-E-S

Holding Funds For Ransom

Here is an email I sent to Jeromie Williams one month ago after he finally reached out to me. At the time Jeromie said he MAY be interested in answering some questions but in all likelihood would not as whenever he had in the past, his words were twisted and manipulated.


Jeromie here are the questions I said I would send you on behalf of all those (myself included) who have had serious concerns of wrongdoing with respect to funds raised through a ChipIn page for the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue. Please feel free to answer as many as you wish. I'll be posting your responses on the blog, and I'm sure you know you'll get many commenting and countering your statements (as I have had in voicing my opinion on the subject). I look forward to hearing your side however, as I've stated every issue has two sides. After I receive your responses I will leave the comment section open to any debate. There is no sense in writing another post rehashing the same accusations. I've said my piece and have allowed others to do the same. I thank you for taking the time to consider answering the following :

1. How exactly did you get involved in the OSD (Operation Sled Dogs) rescue?

2. What is your current position within the group Pet Pardons?

3. Did you in fact create a ChipIn page to solicit donations for the rescue effort, and if so did you take it upon yourself to do so or at the request of any other members of Pet Pardons?

4. OSD and others are pointing do a discrepancy stating that they never did receive all funds raised through the ChipIn page. What became of those funds?

5. Through Facebook there has been a constant back and forth between yourself and your supporters and OSD and its supporters. You have been accused of allegedly making threats via email and phone messages. Is any of this true?

6. Last week I posted on the blog a screen cap of a picture you posted on Facebook. The picture was of several bills, and it was accompanied with certain demands that were to be met in order for OSD to receive the remaining donations. Why did you feel it necessary to post what I have labelled as a "ransom", rather than simply transferring the remaining donations (you had already forwarded some funds to OSD, so why stop there)?

7. Why, since my first article three months ago, did Pet Pardons not answer any of these allegations?

Jeromie if there is anything you feel I have missed, please feel free to add any points or respond to any other accusations you feel the need to be addressed.

Again, thank you for considering to share your side of the story.


I guess it's time to face facts. Based on past activity and any lack of response from any Pet Pardons representative, no money should be donated to Pet Pardons. Ever. Donations seemingly disappear into thin air and no reasons are given. 

PLEASE let me know if you can think of something more disgraceful than profiting off the backs of animals in need. The list is short.

I'll now direct you to an individual who has followed the actions of Pet Pardons for quite some time. I am through attempting to contact or speak with anyone from Pet Pardons. They have had months of opportunity. If you can read this blog & still feel the need to donate to Pet Pardons, well then, you are acting in such a fashion that is tantamount to animal abuse. The author of the linked blog has been harassed and accused for spreading lies and hate toward Pet Pardons. To my estimation nothing could be further from the truth. Go through the articles yourself & you'll find screen caps upon screen caps of documents and correspondence. If only Pet Pardons were so transparent.

By all means share and advocate for any animals through the group's Facebook application (I still maintain to this day it is a fantastic resource and credit Pet Pardons for taking the initiative in creating such a wonderful application to help needy animals), but I warn you to be wary of any donation made to a ChipIn fund or a "rescue" or business supported by Pet Pardons.Your donation will likely vanish. I have nothing personal against Pet Pardons and no grudge, but it can not continue to purport to help animals SOME OF THE TIME. You should not be so quick to think that because Pet Pardons has helped save the lives of many animals, that fact should balance the scale against stolen donations. I am speaking on behalf of the animals as I'm sure they want to be helped ALL OF THE TIME.

Mr. Hoar, Mr. Williams, you no longer have to answer to me. You now have to answer to the growing number of animal lovers who feel betrayed and lied to. They might get over that betrayal, but the animals never will. Why? Because when donations aimed toward helping them never reach them, they have lost. I wonder what they would say if they could see that money flashed in front of their eyes only to be taken away as a cruel joke. Pet Pardons has proven it CAN and HAS done right by many animals, so now prove that never again will it do wrong by ANY of them.

If I may offer one last example. I noticed yesterday that Pet Pardons published this image on its Facebook page of an individual who had shot several wolves. The outcry has been incredible (nearly 9000 "likes" and over 7000 "shares"....fantastic!), including several hundred posts threatening the man's life. I do not know the circumstances of the photo and do not know if you do. Regardless, do you not think it would be fantastic had you used your influence to direct fans to a link where they could push for reforming laws in the region rather than sit back and let the hatred continue to flow? I have a feeling if you had done so you could now be credited with creating positive change in this situation. That would be so very commendable.

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