Monday, August 20, 2012

Were The Police Within Their Right To Arrest Man Walking His Dog Through The Al-Quds Rally?

Earlier today a video depicting a man being arrested at Queen's Park while walking his dog was posted online. The incident occurred during the Al-Quds rally. While many are accusing the police of crossing the line for arresting the man, others feel the man was being insensitive to Muslims, and knew that he would be causing trouble with his actions. Below are the videos of the arrest and the man's response to the incident. What are your thoughts? Feeel free to share in the comment section.


  1. No dog lovers to be seen here. Obviously, the guy kicking the dog has problems. But what kind of idiot owner would dress his dog in an Israel flag, and then walk through a mob of anti-Israeli posters. I think this disturbed individual would have been quite pleased if his dog had been killed by the protesters, as his purpose was to bring out the worst in them, in an attempt to suggest that any criticism of Israel is a hate-crime.

  2. No. In my view they had no right to arrest this man. He broke no law. Furthermore, the way in which they arrested this man is offensive. The police used violence and held him in handcuffs for over half an hour. This is abuse of police power.

  3. Seeing as this is Toronto Pet Daily, Check out the 1:03 mark of the video. The dog is clearly kicked by the shorter, bald man! That is the reason the dog scatters, shocked and in pain!