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Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Years After Mass Killing, The OSPCA Is At It Again. Only YOU Can Stop This Rogue Organization

Deja vu......let's just call it The Ontario Society for the Persistent Culling Of Animals. Actually scratch that. In a cull animals are killed for a selected reason. The OSPCA on the other hand seems to kill for any myriad of reasons. A fake ringworm outbreak? Check. A dog breed misidentified? Check. A dog advertised on its own newsletter as a wonderful companion? Check. A friendly cat described as aggressive hours later? Check. A dog refused the chance to say goodbye to his owner? Check.

I've published over 100 articles on the OSPCA and will publish hundreds more until the organization is held accountable, and until The Organization for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Animals can live up to its name. Why do the powers that be at the OSPCA have no problem collecting huge salaries while animals are systematically and indiscriminately killed by their hands? It's simple, not enough people are holding them to account.

Let's look at a brief timeline of the past two years :


- The OSPCA plans to kill all 350 animals at its headquarters, citing a "virulent strain" of ringworm. Only when the volunteers, MPP Frank Klees, the media, and protesters speak out do they halt the plan. MAKE NO MISTAKE - The OSPCA would have continued killing them all if word had not leaked.

- MPP Klees presents a petition signed by thousands of Ontarians before the legislature. The petition calls for transparency of the OSPCA and the creation of an external governing body. It also calls for the OSPCA to separate its duties as an animal shelter and the animal policing force in Ontario, as the two duties are in direct conflict with one another. When the issue is eventually put to a vote, it is defeated by the liberal majority at the time (I may agree with Mr. McGuinty on the odd thing but when it comes to issues of animal welfare the liberal party is a disgrace).

- The OSPCA itself commissions an external report to look into the ringworm "outbreak" and states as soon as it is received it will be made public.


- The external report paints the picture of the OSPCA as an organization in dire need of reform and external governance. The OSPCA sits on the report for some time, until again word leaks that the results have been hidden from the public. Perhaps it is because THERE NEVER WAS ANY OUTBREAK OF RINGWORM to begin with?

- Again an MPP stands in the legislature to call for reform. It falls on deaf ears.

- The liberal government announces it has created a "task force" to monitor the OSPCA. No details are revealed.


- MPP Klees asks the liberals the status of the "task force". He is given the runaround

- Three employees are fired by the OSPCA for raising concerns that the organization is killing perfectly healthy animals. Again Mr. Klees & the media ask relevant questions. The OSPCA offers few details on the employees' accusations. In the meantime, ignoring all sense of irony, the OSPCA inspects Marineland as a result of accusations of animal abuse.


Where does that leave us? Having to stand up YET AGAIN against the OSPCA. The same upper management is still in power feeling that they, along with their $250 000 paychecks, are untouchable. Until Ontarians finally understand just how nearly irreversible the situation is this will hold true.

What can YOU DO?

- STOP DONATING to the OSPCA. Do not feel guilty for doing so. Odds are your donations are going toward fat salaries and huge lawsuits the OSPCA has to defend itself against rather than any animals in need. In fact The Toronto Star published an article this week detailing that NEARLY HALF of the OSPCA budget goes to salaries and that the organization is trying to hide this fact :

Email from CFO to CEO Kate Macdonald :

"“Please note the file, as it now stands, has some salary numbers in it we would not want to get out. If you would like me to redo it with the salary numbers combined or hidden I can do that"

When the OSPCA is a changed organization I'll be the first one to recommend donating.

- WRITE TO YOUR MPP. Ask then what they plan to do to make this right. Ask about the task force. Ask why upper management at the OSPCA has not been fired. Ask when the OSPCA will become fully transparent to Ontarians. CC Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty [email protected]ola.org, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Hon Madeleine Meilleur [email protected], MPP Frank Klees [email protected]  and Chief Executive Officer of the OSPCA Kate Macdonald [email protected]

-Tell all of your animal loving friends and family exactly what the OSPCA does when it thinks it is behind the security of closed doors. For more, simply browse the OSPCA section of The Toronto Pet Daily.

- Join the "Stop The Slaughter" group on Facebook

Have you ever felt betrayed by someone who you thought had your best interests at heart? Think about what the animals at the OSPCA are thinking, and remember that the person who betrayed you could have done much worse. They could have simply killed you.

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