Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Morning I Received This Petition Calling On The Government To Enact Legislation Protecting Zoo And Aquarium Animals - Please Take A Minute To Read

I quit my job as a Marineland's top trainer in protest of the conditions I saw animals living in. That's why I'm asking the Premier to intervene to save Marineland's animals.
Sign My Petition
I've seen animals living in filthy water, blind seals, and dolphins with their skin falling off. After 12 years as Marineland's top trainer, I had to quit my job so I could speak out and save these animals from the extreme neglect I witnessed at Marineland. Shortly after I left, this continued with the death of a baby beluga forced into a tank she didn't belong in.
But there is one barrier to saving these animals. There are no laws controlling zoos or aquariums in Ontario. The SPCA is welcome to investigate, but without these laws no one can do anything to stop this neglect. 
That's why I started a petition on Change.org demanding Premier Dalton McGuinty establish a law protecting animals at aquariums and zoos. Click here to join me in saving Marineland's animals.
This isn't the first time animal neglect has been exposed at Marineland. Many trainers have quit before me. After each scandal, groups have called for the Government to act, but no progress is ever made. This time, however, the public outrage is louder than ever, and since Premier McGuinty only has a minority government he is much more likely to act.
For the animals,
Phil Demers, ex Marineland trainer