Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr......A Planned Protest Against Muslims Due To The Actions Of ONE MAN

Why oh why must people always take things to far? In the aftermath of last Saturday's protest at Queen's Park, an event has now been created on Facebook to protest in front of a Toronto Mosque. And for good measure, the protest will coincide with prayer sessions.

Evidently not only was Allan Einstoss assaulted, but his dog Cupcake was allegedly kicked as well. So let me get this straight. Instead of protesting in front of the police station where the arresting officers are located, it's better to hold the Muslim culture as a whole to account? I guess that makes sense seeing as hundreds of Muslims descended on Mr. Einstoss and his dog in hopes of harming them both. What's that? Oops, I stand corrected. It was actually ONE INDIVIDUAL who allegedly commited the crime (of which for some reason he was never charged).

Give me a break. Just last week I wrote about being assaulted in the doggy park by a deranged jogger. I guess I should have created an event on Facebook for a few dozen people to protest in front of Lululemon, seeing as apparently all joggers are crazy.

Here is the Facebook page for the event should you want more info. Best of luck in practicing your democratic right to be idiots.


  1. People need to take a closer look at the video. The police had been watching him which is plain to see as the video starts. He is not unknown to them. They looked like they were going to speak to him when he waded with his dog into the crowd and the one cop had his hands at his side. Then you can see he takes a poke at someone and that is when they grabbed his arms and pulled him out of the crowd. This person is pro Israeli and has an agenda. His agenda was not just to walk his dog. Why else would he be there except to cause trouble. The fact he would even think up the idea of taking dogs to a mosque during prayers is an indication of his mindset.
    This is the account from someone else who was there:
    The man that appears so mellow on Sun TV interview was extremely aggressive during the protest, pushing and shoving his dog in to the crowd. He had an Israeli flag wrapped around the dog and despite multiple warnings by the police, constantly tried to scare the ‘ Muslim children’ by aggressively shoving the dog and himself between the families. Most of the kids liked the dog but were really intimidated by the man who was using the dog mercilessly to express his venom. He seemed to be picking on families with mother and children only. A number of women asked him not to harass them and their children but he was on a mission to win the day for Israel. The only disappointing part of the story is that he was let go without filing of charges.

  2. Regarding multiculturalism here... I have received two racist hate e-mails against a certain group of people in my life.
    Both were professionally edited and created, no question.
    Being a marketing professional I can appreciate high quality propaganda stuff when I see it.
    Both were Zionistic propaganda against Muslims and both were sent to me by Canadian individuals.
    I find it very disturbing indeed.