Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Allan Einstoss Bringing His Dog To "Stir Things Up" At A Queen's Park Rally

From today's Toronto Sun
After posting yesterday about Allan Einstoss, the individual who was arrested at Queen's Park and later released, I've had a day to reflect on the situation and the more I read, the more it bothers me that Mr. Einstoss is now threatening legal action against the police.

I wonder what Mr. Einstoss was thinking? He has stated that he is a very politically active member of society, and that he was at the event to oppose the Al-Quds doctrine. From what I gather the rally was quite emotional, as one would expect it to be seeing as there are few "hot button" issues that incite such emotions as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It seems highly suspect that Mr. Einstoss had absolutely no inkling that bringing a 165 pound dog to such an event would cause a problem.

Yes this man had every right to be at the rally, and yes he has every right to pursue legal action. Remember though, just because you have a legal right to do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. What would I do? Out of courtesy to a culture that is not always comfortable with dogs, and regardless of whether I agree with its stance, I simply would not parade my large dog (friendly or not) in front of the demonstrators. I would attend the rally solo. Like Mr. Einstoss has stated, I too pretty much bring my dogs with me everywhere I go. This is one event however, that I would have more courtesy for others, and even possibly have more concern for the safety of my dog. That concern would far outweigh my desire to speak my political mind. If you think I'm being insensitive and "labelling" any protestors as being violent toward a dog owner at such an event just keep in mind that if anything, yesterday's event has proven my point.  

Thank goodness that as emotions ran very high nobody was severly hurt. It would be a very sad situation if Mr. Einstoss were to have been injured. What if if his well-trained dog Cupcake had been injured? Who would have been to blame? Naturally any individual who attempted to assault Cupcake, but keep in mind such a hypothetical situation would never exist in the first place had Mr. Einstoss had the foresight to not involve his dog in a political demonstration in which one party has members that are known to be uncomfortable, and where emotions can quickly turn physical.

In no way should Mr. Einstoss have been assaulted, and in no way do I think the police handled the matter as best they could. Why was the individual who punched Mr. Einstoss not arrested? It would have been better had they simply asked Mr. Einstoss to remove himself from the situation out of concern for the safety of himself and just as important, the safety of Cupcake. It also would have been better if on Saturday, Allan Einstoss had left Cupcake safe at home.


  1. As a dog owner, and former owner of a therapy dog, I too bring my dog everywhere with me. Part of both of their training was/is that they go everywhere with me and be focused solely on me but aware of their surroundings. My dog is both my constant companion, my best friend and my protection in lieu of a lethal weapon which I am entitled to carry as a citizen of the great state of Florida in the USA. I find it absurd, that under any circumstance, unless I was attending a party in Michael Vic's garage, that I should be afraid for the safety of my dog, especially at what is to be a "peaceful rally" for the suicide bombers of tomorrow. Sure the message of El Qud is repulsive to me, just as is any form of hatred is vile, however, like Mr.Einstoss, I am loathe to not defend their right to free speech and I am loathe to chastise Mr. Einstoss for exercising his absolute right to bring his DOG and his 16 year old son to the rally. Has anyone mentioned the presence of impressionable minors at this event? Should I be afraid to bring my dog with me, for fear that my dog MIGHT be hurt, to work at my warehouse when I know for a fact that it is only a matter of time before someone tries to break-in or rob me as I leave at night? Frankly, I have seen worse treatment of our best furry friends at dog parks where everyone is "a dog lover".

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  3. I live in a community where most people are from India. I noticed that many of them are afraid of dogs.
    Certainly I could make a big fuss about my rights and could get my dog as near to their children especially as I can, but what it it good for?
    To create conflict?
    I keep my dog at least in 2 m distance from the people and their children and well, I have never had any problems with any of my fellow citizens here.
    But again, I do not want to provoke anyone...

    Moreover, regarding the Muslims supposed problems with dogs... ever heard about the Saluki, oldest dog breed of the world?
    The guys cherish these dogs.
    But this does NOT mean that they can not be afraid for their little children when a ton of dog pops up next to the kid...